PC: GotN Tournament #8

Prize Pool:



5v5: Double Elimination

Start Date:

23 months ago

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Grand Final: TEAM GOTEM vs JanitorzSHAMBLES (Scheduled)

Tournament Information

- BO3 Double Elimination
- No third place decider

General Rules
- DO NOT be TOXIC. These tournaments are friendly games among the community. Insults, racism, and general toxicity will not be tolerated.
- Teams require a minimum of 5 players to register
- Team tags required AND player in-game names MUST match LPL site
- Captain MUST report map score (example: 13-5)
- CGAC will be run at all times for every match


Map Determination
Bo1: ban x2, ban x2, bash, loser pick side (Lower Seed Ban x2, Higher Seed Ban x2 - Bash, winner gets map pick or side - Loser opposite)

Bo3: Lower Seed BAN x2 > Higher Seed BAN x2 > Lower Seed PICK > Higher Seed PICK (Away side pick) > Bash, winner gets map pick or side (Loser picks opposite)
(Higher seed value closer = 1, Lower seed = 16)

SERVER Determination
-Gentleman's Agreement on servers
-CHI, DFW, KC servers only if GA not determined
-If agreement not reached, bash for map and server (bo3 bash once)

Game Play Rules
- Each match is 5v5 on the current PAM (zPAM 310_Beta 6) with the shotgun rebalance turned off.
- 250 FPS cap (NO 333)
- Glitches/jumps are allowed so as long as the player can reach them on their own and with no more than 250FPS
- All players must record
- Teams must field 5 rostered players in the designated server NLT 20 minutes from match start time. If they are unable to field 5 players in the server, the opposing team can choose to continue waiting or receive a FFW.
- Timeouts are authorized one per half for strategizing, player substitutions (1 per map), or disconnects/technical difficulties

Cheating Allegations
- Teams are allowed to dispute opposing players.
- Teams must make cheating disputes within 10 minutes of match completion.
- Cheating disputes will be handled by a select group of community leaders/admins that will form a non-bias anti-cheat council and will consist of a demo review, admin CGAC review, and player interviews if necessary.
- If a player is confirmed via CGAC to be hacking or cheating, matches will be overturned and players will be banned or suspended from LPL events.

Streaming and Broadcast
- Streaming on any platform is encouraged and all are players are authorized to do so
- Streamers MUST have at least a 60 second delay

Captains can report their team's score.

Last updated by: CaseMan - 8:52pm 16/5/21

Teams Competing (7)


F-1 - 965557 (seed: 1)


F-1 - 965557 (seed: 2)

Unknown Pug

L-4 - - (seed: 4)

ggg boyz

L-3 - - (seed: 5)

The dream team.

L-2 - - (seed: 3)


L-2 - - (seed: 7)


L-1 - - (seed: 6)

Teams that withdrew or were removed (2)


Removed by admin


Removed by admin

Tournament info

Tournament status:

Final: Scheduled



Start time: Sunday 9:00pm May 16th 2021

Tournament should be linked to a season.

12:41pm 21/5/21

Great 5 man tournament, makes it better knowing Unknown Players are 0-8 on AC. LPL needs to stop deceiving X6.

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

3:09am 17/5/21

Grand final has been created: TEAM GOTEM vs JanitorzSHAMBLES. TEAM GOTEM must be defeated twice because they are still in the winners bracket and have not lost yet, a second final will appear if required.

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

8:59pm 16/5/21

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly. There is space for two teams to late register. Late regos are open for 25 minutes.

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

8:53pm 16/5/21

An admin has auto ready'd all teams and closed registrations, early seeding of the bracket will commence shortly.

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

8:50pm 16/5/21

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (0), final signups still open. So far 5/8 teams have joined. 3 places remain. We currently meet the minimum required teams for the tournament to proceed!.

8:25pm 16/5/21

cool story bro

7:20am 16/5/21

Refusing a team that dominates you, panther, is not a good look.. for a 3x Champ.

"riley — Today at 12:54 AM
I am cleared by LPL, blacklisted by caseman. Prove to me, you can beat us today..I promise, you won't.

panther???? — Today at 12:54 AM

4:51am 16/5/21

Panther - You talk a lot for a subpar CoD2 player. Have caseman pardon anyone who plays with me if you can back up your talk.

caseman — 04/21/2021
Riley NA CoD Discord verdict
-NA CoD Admins and Tournament Admins have unanimously decided that Riley has cheated in GOTN #5 and Quick Cup #4 after extensive demo and VOD review

Riley Ban action plan
-Riley will be banned from discord for 2 Years and all activity hosted or organized by the NA COD Discord
-Anyone confirmed playing with Riley in a scrim, ladder match, or tournament, including LPL, FPSchallenge, or similarly, will be banned for 3 month on first offence, with an increase per offence

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

11:05pm 10/5/21

Registrations are now open