PC: PC: CoD2 GotN Quick Cup #4 - Started Early

Prize Pool:



5v5: Single Elimination

Start Date:

25 months ago

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Grand Final: Janitorz vs whiteCLAWwasted (Scheduled)

Teams Competing (8)


3 - 933226 (seed: 7)


3 - 933226 (seed: 4)


2 - - (seed: 8)


2 - - (seed: 3)

Unknown Players

1 - - (seed: 2)

Polanski Won the Draft

1 - - (seed: 5)

Heart break kids

1 - - (seed: 1)

Safety Off

1 - - (seed: 6)

Tournament info

This tournament has RANDOM seeding for all teams.

Tournament status:

Final: Scheduled



Start time: Thursday 12:52am April 1st 2021
Registration period was automatically extended.
This turbo tournament was able to start 14 minutes early.

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AU LPL AdminOld

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5:51pm 1/4/21

Grand final has been created: Janitorz vs whiteCLAWwasted.

AU LPL AdminOld

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12:54am 1/4/21

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

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12:46am 1/4/21

Turbo tournament will start shortly, last minute signups still open.

AU LPL AdminOld

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7:25pm 31/3/21

An admin has moved the start time back by 180m, tournament will now start at 1:00am 1/4/21.

10:41pm 27/3/21

cg me

AU LPL AdminOld

Admin Bot

11:58pm 26/3/21

Registrations are now open