A team linked to the tournament: PC: Call of Duty 2 Nightcup (Final: Completed) - start time: 6:00pm 12/5/19. (Ready'd up!)
Combined this team has competed in 4 tournaments.

Founder: Blinde
Created: 3:45pm 12/5/19
Placed: 0
Premium: 1
Most Recent Match:
Blacklisted vs TEAM TBA - 2
Has finished 1st-4th in 0 tournaments.

Team Overview

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Team Members

Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: BlindeCZ pc BlindeYesNoYes
Added by: BlindeCZ pc worsYesNoNo
Added by: BlindeCZ pc yxmstrojNoNoNo
Added by: BlindeSK pc bubysvkYesNoNo
Added by: BlindeCZ pc Martinek_YesNoNo
Added by: BlindeCZ pc TheRey (BANNED, Tournament Banned) (MATCH BANNED (Permanent Ban))YesYesNo
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Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Blacklisted vs Watch and Learn
Blacklisted: 1-06:56pm 12/5/19
Blacklisted vs BALAVCiii
-9:56pm 12/5/19
Blacklisted vs nedmaise
nedmaise: 1-08:46pm 12/5/19
Blacklisted vs TEAM TBA - 2
Blacklisted: 1-06:21pm 12/5/19

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