PC: Call of Duty 2 Nightcup

Prize Pool:



5v5: Single Elimination

Start Date:

5 years ago

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For 3rd place: Blacklisted vs BALAVCiii (Scheduled)

Tournament rules!!!

COD2: Tournament Ladder related rules

Tournament Rules - Once off tournament

Specific Tournament Rules

Starting time is 18:00 (GMT +1) If the cup get's enough registrations it will be extended!

Don't forget to ready up before before the cup starts! Teams who are not ready on tournament start will be replaced by other teams.


All matches are played as BO1, finals are BO3 if both teams agree.

Maps for the final are picked by using the VETO system:
- loser of pb bans map first
- winner of pb bans map second
- loser of pb bans map
- winner of pb bans map
- remaining map will be played
- second pb for side (unless both teams agree)

- Toujane
- Burgundy
- Dawnville
- Carentan
- Matmata
- Trainstation (Caen)
- Vallente

Recording is mandatory
CGAC is mandatory (even if both teams agree, CGAC is mandatory)

Disputes should be made within 5 min of match end + notify admin on discord or LPL.

Tournament General Rules

1 - Administration

1.1 Contact Us
The LetsPlay.Live Support System is the primary method of communication between players and administrators. A support ticket should be created in any instance where the player has any questions, concerns or issues regarding any aspect of the competition or at any point in time where a player feels it necessary to contact an administrator. You can find us on Letsplay.Live Discord (this link will expire after one day)

1.2 LetsPlay.Live Code of Conduct
The purpose of the Letsplay.Live Code of Conduct is to provide guidelines for infringements which require a match ban as a part of their penalty. All players must adhere to the Letsplay.Live Code of Conduct when competing in any LetsPlay.Live competition. The Letsplay.Live Code of Conduct can be found here:

2 - Acknowledgement

By joining this LetsPlay.Live Tournament I acknowledge that I have read and hereby accept and agree to the site Terms and Conditions, Anti-Cheat Policy and all rules and restrictions set in place by Letsplay.Live staff and administration.

I acknowledge that being able to participate in any ladder or tournament on this site is a privilege which may be revoked at any time, with or without explanation, at the discretion of Letsplay.Live staff and administration.

3 - Player Requirements

3.1 Letsplay.Live Account
To compete in a Letsplay.Live competition you must be a registered member of the Letsplay.Live site. You will not be able to join the competition until an account has been made. If you do not have a Letsplay.Live account you can register here:

3.2 Player Eligibility
To be eligible to compete in Letsplay.Live competitions you must fulfill the following expectations as the player:
a. Must not have an active match or tournament ban listed on your profile.
b. Must have joined your team prior to a registrations closing.
c. Must have a CoD2 guid registrated on his account
d. Must not have a CoD2 guid banned on the Master Ban Index (MBI), after a year this ban will expire and you are allowed to play again

4 - Team Requirements

4.1 Team Activation
Upon creating a competition team you are required to have a minimum of 1 players invited to and in acceptance of the invitation to join the team, in order to activate the team before you are able to begin a challenge. Once the minimum number of players has been fulfilled you are then able to interchange the roster at team discretion.

4.2 Team Roster
Each team must have a minimum number of players on their roster in order to compete in a competition. The minimum number of players required is 5. A player can not compete on behalf of a team if they are not on the team roster.

4.3 Team Captains
Each team must nominate at least one player to undertake the responsibility of team captain. The team captain is responsible for accepting and scheduling challenges, adding and removing players from the roster, ensuring match scores are submitted correctly and lodging disputes if deemed necessary.

The team captain has an obligation to the other members on the team to behave professionally and represent the team in a sportsmanlike manner. The team captain is responsible for his teams behaviour during CyberGamer and is thus accountable for any outcomes thereof.

By default, the founding member of the team will be set to captain and can delegate further duties as seen fit.

4.4 Team Name
Letsplay.Live team names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, silly or too big in size. Refusing to change a team name or repeat use of an inappropriate name will result in punishment. Letsplay.Live teams may not use the name of a team in which is not theirs (as interpreted by Letsplay.Live staff and administration).

5 - Match Information

5.1 Match Scheduling
All matches will be scheduled via the CyberGamer tournament system.

All teams/players have a 15 minute period from the match scheduled time to show up and play their match. If a team does not show up by the end of this period, teams must enter the scores as 1-0 to the team who showed in the Letsplay.Live tournament system.

Teams have 5 minutes between each map/game mode. If a team/player goes over this period, you may forfeit the map at administrators discretion.

If a match goes beyond what is a reasonable allocated time both teams are subject to forfeit at administrator discretion.

Please follow the above steps under contact us for support if required.

5.2 Seeding
Seeding is done at random per the Letsplay.Live tournament system the team seeds are done randomly. seed one (1) is the highest seed, seed sixty-four (64) being the lowest.

5.3.1 Server location
By default all matches must be played on EU servers, unless agreed upon prior to the start of the Match in the match chat.

5.3.2 Server settings
- Servers must be original and not cracked.
- Servers must have punkbuster enabled by default.
- Servers must have cvarlist enabled

If both teams can't agree which server to play, they can contact admin on discord and then the admin will decide which server to play on choosing for the server with best average ping and serversettings.

5.3.3 Server general rule
By pressing ready up, you accept server settings and match should be played on that server untill the end, unless severe serverproblems start to occur.

5.4 Substitutions
Teams are allowed to use a substitube as long as this player was in the team before the start of the match. Teams using players who are added after matchtime will loose by forfeit.

5.5 Connection Issues
Not Applicable, game play will continue unless a match restart is valid. When huge serverproblems occur during the game, teams can request to change server

5.6 Spectators
Spectators for streaming/shoutcasting are allowed, if both teams agree

5.7 Broadcasting
Players are permitted to broadcast their own point-of-view in matches. This is only acceptable if there is a significant time delay (greater than 30 seconds) between real-time and the broadcast.

When broadcasting through a live streaming service or uploading recorded footage to a video sharing site; you cannot have 'Letsplay.Live' or any abbreviation of it within the title of the media. This may be seen as if you are representing Letsplay.Live to someone unfamiliar with the site, which you are not. You may only include this information with permission from an administrator.

5.8 3rd Party Communication
All 3rd party communication programs and systems are allowed to be utilized for team communication during matches. It is advised that your team captain is still easily contactable by the opposition (or referee if present) in the case an issue arises.

5.9 Reporting Results
Both teams must report the Match result to the Letsplay.Live Tournament System within 5 minutes after its completion. Failure to report the Match results on time may results in a Forfeit.

At least one member of each team should take a screenshot(s) of each match's results page in case proof is needed for a dispute.

5.10 Disputes
A dispute should be lodged by the captain on behalf of their team if there is a dispute regarding any issue in the match that is not resolved by the referee (if present). Disputes, depending on the complexity will be managed by either a referee or administrator and may take an extended period of time to resolve.

Disputes lodged should be accompanied with evidence provided in the form of digital video or video screen capture. It is difficult to resolve a dispute without evidence and may take a longer period of time than usual.

Making false or useless disputes will be dealt with at the discretion of an administrator and repeat offenders will increase the likelihood consequences if seen fit.

6 - Cheating & Exploitation

6.1 Cheating
Cheating is defined as, but is not limited to, the use of software/equipment to manipulate another user's connection, 'map hacks' or any other form of hacking/glitching content that presents a user with an unfair advantage over the opponent in any game.

If you are unsure if something is classified as cheating or not it is up to you to check with an appropriate referee beforehand

Any form of cheating is should be reported to Letsplay.Live staff and administration via the Letsplay.Live Support System with evidence in the form of digital video, still capture or video screenshot. Whatever is applicable to the claim. Cheating claims are managed by Letsplay.Live administration in accordance with the Letsplay.Live Code of Conduct.

6.2 Exploitation
Exploitation is defined as exploiting the in-game mechanics to give an unfair advantage over the opponent in any game.
Exploitation may cover the following examples:
- Fast reload
- Clipping (up shoot down)

As per cheating, any form of exploitation should be reported to Letsplay.Live staff and administration via the Letsplay.Live Support System with evidence in the form of digital video, still capture or video screenshot. Whatever is applicable to the claim. Cheating claims are managed by Letsplay.Live administration in accordance with the Letsplay.Live Code of Conduct.

7 - References

7.1 LetsPlay.Live Terms and Conditions

7.2 LetsPlay.Live Code of Conduct[/B]

7.3 LetsPlay.Live Support

7.4 LetsPlay.Live Discord
Letsplay.Live Discord (this link will expire after one day)