Founder: Blackchaos.'
Created: 1:28am 16/12/18
Placed: 2
Premium: 0
Most Recent Match:
Paradox vs blacklisted
Has finished 1st-4th in 5 tournaments.

Team Overview

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Team Members

Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: Blackchaos.'LT pc sER (online 17h ago)YesNoYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'GR pc Blackchaos.' (online 3h ago)YesNoYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'FI pc superYesNoYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'SI pc kspr (online 18h ago)YesNoYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'FI pc MatzyYesNoYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'DE pc teqi-YesYesYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'MK pc NightfurY! (online 1h ago)YesYesYes
Added by: Blackchaos.'HR pc F1CHOYesYesNo
Added by: Blackchaos.'SE pc RIFFOYesYesNo
Removed Players:
Added by: Blackchaos.'DE pc dOOWAYST [removed]NoNoNo
Added by: Blackchaos.'GB pc wAde [removed]NoNoNo
Added by: Blackchaos.'GR pc Alexxx [removed]NoYesNo
Added by: Blackchaos.'IT pc ravezoR [removed] (online 4h ago)NoYesNo
Added by: Blackchaos.'GB pc Richard_ [removed]NoYesNo
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Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Paradox vs wEIZEU
Paradox: 1-06:58pm 16/12/18
Paradox vs blacklisted
Paradox: 1-06:06pm 16/12/18
CSVN vs Paradox
CSVN: 1-07:58pm 16/12/18

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