Lets Play Live Subscription

Subscription Plans

Bronze (Free)

All bronze competitions are free! These are very casual compared to the higher divisions, they are a great place to start if you are just getting into Esports. Unlike the other divisions, bronze competitions do not have prize pools.

Silver competitions require a Silver subscription and have no other requirements to qualify/join. This is where more experienced gamers will start when joining Lets Play Live, you can transfer your team from Bronze to Silver at anytime.

Most Gold and Platinum competitions operate quite differently and require solid performance in the silver division to qualify. All Silver/Gold/Platinum competitions have much stricter competition rules and standards due to their prize pools, bronze competitions are considered strictly casual.

Most short-form nightly tournaments are listed as bronze/free, players from all divisions are allowed to compete in these. For the longer 8-12 week seasons you can only compete in one division at a time.