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6th Dec 2014




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WE ARE THE ENEMY | community movie

came after year and i gotta say - this is default movie af..i was expecting some epic 3d and hardcore frags but i got bored after 4 minutes of watching and that never ever happned to me while watching old gold fragmovies like Who we are by eyza or We are call of duty 2.. but on the other hand, its good the community is alive and i appreciate anyone who wastes his time with this dead, but still great game, even its not worth it.. im surprised how many players are still active, same old bastards, salute
27 months ago

Any CZE players?

Im just wandering if some cze/svk players are still playing this game so I could play some mixes after months:) thanks
4 years ago

Recruiting new COD2 admins!

Number of open disputes:

CoD2 S&D 2on2 Ladder - 19
CoD2 S&D 3on3 Ladder - 37
CoD2 S&D 5on5 Ladder - 46

@miss - How can't you guys handle this?

Quote from head on the 4th of February 2016
Its not only about disputes, there are tickets and other projects that need extra manpower.

Quote from exzz` on the 3rd of February 2016
head, does it worth it? Wasting time and nerves with childish faggots who are arguing about shitty little things in 10-year old game in 2016 in every match? who have time for writing tickets, timestamps and disputes, who can get mad in fukin pc game enough to make these conflicts at age 20+, must be labile and sad life /gamer life.. one would say cod2 is played for fun in these times, you can get angry while playing, but arguing and making conflicts which last many days after every match, oh man
4 years ago


you greasy old bastards still playing this game? your loyalty to this game is sick
4 years ago

Official Xfire replacement: Evolve!

you geeky bastards wouldnt stop playing this game even if this day would be the last day of ur life.. get away from ur pc, its summertime madness outside right there
4 years ago

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25,000 viewss thread

25,000 viewss thread

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Top 5 Bronze Team

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6th Jan 2019

Call of Duty 2

1 - 0
$uicideboy$ 5

17th Jun 2016

Call of Duty 2

21 - 15
team unlogic [4v4/5v5]

10th Jun 2016

Call of Duty 2

5 - 15

Time TBA

Call of Duty 2

0 - 0

20th May 2015

Call of Duty 2

21 - 18
never give up

31st May 2015

Call of Duty 2

Team Slovak Republic | Nations Cup
0 - 1
Team Bosnia and Herzegovina | Nations Cup