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8 years ago

CyberGamer EU Enemy Territory Season 3

I'm happy to announce CyberGamer EU Enemy Territory Season 3! Signups are now open and will remain open until Sunday the 15th of March.

General Information

Our third official cup season will be very similar to Season 2. Just like last season, we are running cups for two different formats: 3on3 and 6on6.

Season 2 will again run in two stages, starting with a league and followed by tournaments.

[SPOILER=Not familiar with our cup system? Click here for more information.]

Stage 1: League
The first stage will be a league, otherwise known as a groupstage. We will run two leagues - one for each format. Teams will be split up into divisions with two groups per division. The number of divisions and number of teams per group will depend on how many signups we get.

After all league matches have been played, the top x teams from each group in each division will advance to the next stage of the cup season.

Stage 2: Tournament
The second stage will consist of playoffs-style tournaments. There will be one tournament for each division in each league. The top x teams from each group in each division will compete in their division's tournament.

Tournament brackets will be double elimination as usual. Our goal is to finish by the first day of summer![/SPOILER]

Signing Up

To sign up, simply visit the league page and click Create Team at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can open the GAMES dropdown menu, select Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and click Create Team there. Make sure you choose "ET League" for the 6on6 league or "ET (3on3) League" for the 3on3 league.

Once you have successfully done so, your team will automatically be added to the waiting pool. If this does not happen for some reason or if you'd like to sign up with an existing team, please send a PM to embarrassed, szczurek, or myself with a link to your team so that we can manually add it.

Note: The system will only allow you to be in two teams at a time, and you won't be able to create a new team via the league page if you're already a member of a team in the waiting pool.

Please read the rules carefully before signing up! CGAC will be mandatory in all matches.


  • Sunday, 1st of March - Signups open
  • Sunday, 15th of March - Signups close
  • Thursday, 19th of March - Groups announced
  • Monday, 23rd of March - First matchweek starts
A full schedule will be posted once the groups are online.


adlernest, braundorf_b4, erdenberg_t1, et_ice, frostbite, sp_delivery_te, supply, sw_goldrush_te

adlernest, bremen_b3, frostbite, karsiah_te2, missile_b3, radar, supply, sw_goldrush_te

Questions & Suggestions

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below or visit us on IRC at #cg.et.

To all those looking to participate or help out this season, thank you and good luck!
8 years ago

Threat Detecting my antivirus (avast)

Try re-downloading CGAC with your antivirus turned off.
8 years ago

New server, new team

new account, new ban
8 years ago

How to Play ET in 2015

If you are new to Enemy Territory or simply making a comeback, this tutorial is for you. Below you will find a brief summary of the main events of the past year or so as well as everything you need to play ET in 2015.


Essential downloads:

Download ET 2.60b (includes the latest ET patch, an ET minimizer, PunkBuster, and an etkey)
Download ETPro 3.2.6 (competition mod)


ETPro public servers (a short list of active ones)
TrackBase server list (a more extensive list including non-ETPro servers)

Leagues and community websites:

CyberGamer EU (here!)
CyberGamer Anticheat (CGAC)
Crossfire (main ET community website)
GamesTV (community-run website for watching ET live and on-demand)
TrackBase (ET resource for public players)

Other resources:

Command/cvar list
Color codes & more information on cvars
Unofficial strategy guide
Frag movie database
Maps & map packs
Minimizer (not needed if you download ET from the Splash Damage website)
etkey.org (PunkBuster & etkeys - same as above)
Global server configs v1.3 (latest league configs for servers)

Streamers/shoutcasters: Lightning, MerlinatoR, ohurcool, Swanidius, & more
IRC channels (Quakenet): #2on2.et, #3on3.et, #6on6.et, #crossfire, #gamestv.org


4th May 2013: ESL dropped support for ET
29th May 2013: ET's 10th birthday
1st September 2013: TZAC shut down
11th September 2013: UAC started supporting ET
21st December 2013: ClanBase shut down
29th December 2013: Crossfire ET 6on6 Christmas Cup 2013
1st January 2014: UAC shut down
5th January 2014: CyberGamer EU ET launched
31st January 2014: YCN shut down
2nd February 2014: CGAC started supporting ET
4th February 2014: ET 3on3 World Cup 2014 announced
16th February 2014: CB ET EuroCup XXVIII winners announced
18th February 2014: CG EU ET Season 1 announced
2nd March 2014: CF ET 6on6 Spring Cup 2014 announced
24th March 2014: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 announced
30th April 2014: CGAC ET ban wave
30th April 2014: ESL ET Revival Cup
21st May 2014: ET All Stars 2014 announced
29th May 2014: ET's 11th birthday
20th June 2014: ET 3on3 & 6on6 SummerCup 2014 announced
30th August 2014: TEAM-PHASE eSports ET Cup announced
31st August 2014: CG EU ET Season 2 announced
18th November 2014: American ET launched
20th November 2014: ET 3on3 World Championship 2015 announced
9th December 2014: Crossfire ET 2015 Tournaments announced
18th December 2014: CGAC v1.6.0 released
30th December 2014: ET Reborn LAN 2015 announced
1st March 2015: CG EU ET Season 3 announced
13th March 2015: ET Reborn LAN confirmed
17th-19th April 2015: ET Reborn LAN
21st April 2015: ET United NationsCup 2015 announced
3rd May 2015: ET United launched
8th May 2015: ET United Cup I Announced
25th May 2015: ET United SummerCup 2015 announced
29th May 2015: ET's 12th birthday
7th June 2015: #mAlibu.et ET 6on6 Benelux Cup 2015 announced
14th June 2015: ET United Cup II announced
20th June 2015: ET United LAN announced
15th July 2015: New CG EU ET staff announced
21st July 2015: ET United Cup III announced
26th July 2015: CGAC v2.0.1 released
23rd September 2015: ET United Cup IV announced


1. ET is still alive?

Yes. It's not as active as it used to be, but there are still plenty of teams and players around. Competitions are being run on a regular basis, and a LAN with twenty-five teams just took place in April.

2. What happened to Crossfire.nu?

Crossfire was updated to version 4.0 in July 2012 with a new layout and many new features and functions.

3. Can I use CGAC outside of CG?

Not really. The anticheat is integrated in the CG website and uses a match ID system, so it's only available for official matches. This means it cannot be used on public servers or in IRC wars. However, it is still entirely possible to play with CGAC in community competitions hosted on CG.

4. Where can I find the CG ban list or more information about a specific ban?

Check out the CyberGamer EU group on Crossfire: http://www.crossfire.nu/group/view/id/7638

5. How do I fix my FPS lag?

The most common solution for this is r_primitives 2.


If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to send me a PM or leave a comment below.

8 years ago


25,000 viewss thread

25,000 viewss thread

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