MATCH ID: 989069

Have A Nice Day:)

1 - 0

Chaos :-)

Have A Nice Day:)

Chaos :-)








Ladder Match



Match time

August 1st, 4:52am CEST

Match Details

Match ID:989069
Match Name:Match 989069
Chaos :-) won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: August 1st, 4:52am CEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: EU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: Have A Nice Day:)
Played: 52 days, 12 hours, 48 min ago
Have A Nice Day:) won the match 1-0
Have A Nice Day:) gained 8 ELO
Chaos :-) lost 8 ELO
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Have A Nice Day:)
Name: Status GUID
anakzAKAR Offline 902d104d (manual)
bmblbe Offline 8dc45ca0 (manual)
ByaoS (Barry/ManT... Offline a7ae4f68
Daveyy Offline b9d9667c (manual)
deki Offline 6e88f16b (manual)
devzr Offline e483d6f5 (manual)
dezAKAR Offline
CGAC - 6:29am 21/9/21
drekzakar Offline c6be5ba5
Dutchboy Offline d6dd1c9e (manual)
exelnl Online 15h 16m ago b570568f
Foxbuster Online 12h 39m ago f629231f
fURBYx Offline afa79abd
1311569e (manual)
graejx Offline c70ae23a (manual)
Grega2014 Offline a1810e9c
hamek Offline -
Hatton Offline 46f68176 (manual)
head Online 13h 52m ago 285ca1e5 (manual)
jordanfamalam Offline 98280914
kapteeni molo Offline a86dcfbf (manual)
Ksen Offline 14b4d0fe (manual)
lazyi Offline df555282
markb^ Offline 174b0022 (manual)
nighty09 Offline 80281e6f (manual)
ninjae Offline -
Nug Offline cd88f850 (manual)
onizuka777 Offline f45f8f8c (manual)
pANZIII Offline -
pawadox Offline
CGAC - 7:11am 21/9/21
793ecc6e (manual)
Pugziii Offline 4df2f841
73411ed9 (manual)
S1cA Offline 955b11ce
da05b5f7 (manual)
sacred2580 Offline 6c12563e
6c12463e (manual)
Savy Offline -
sER Offline 8ef2a4b1
simzoor Offline a7390e06 (manual)
Sk1lzZ Offline
CGAC - 5:52am 21/9/21
2f316a0e (manual)
Skaffaboy Offline -
snkr Offline 918301fc (manual)
Sp1RiT:D Online 9h 6m ago
CGAC - 9h 4m ago
supreme Offline 51616f32 (manual)
trepz Offline e2ab0915 (manual)
TUROK Online 10h 40m ago
CGAC - 10h 40m ago
wascht Offline 51d240d5 (manual)
yzRz Offline 0fb63d97
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Chaos :-)
Name: Status GUID
danneiz Offline a4928951
dudekkk Offline f332e9 (manual)
dzooony Offline e66165a8 (manual)
EFFokus Offline -
eshy Offline -
FNXZZ. Offline -
hamek Offline -
Hatton Offline 46f68176 (manual)
kazar Offline -
logi. Online 10h 29m ago
CGAC - 10h 29m ago
ludvo Online 10h 28m ago
CGAC - 10h 28m ago
8ce9d409 (manual)
M R Z Online 10h 28m ago
CGAC - 10h 29m ago
ccac178 (manual)
mavoRRR Offline 2e8eb4fc (manual)
MUSiiC! Offline
CGAC - 8:11am 21/9/21
nodyxz Online 9h 26m ago
CGAC - 9h 26m ago
OrjanNilsen Online 11h 35m ago
CGAC - 11h 35m ago
405f4ace (manual)
P1kseLLLL Offline 50ffde27 (manual)
pha1l Offline 91ef807d (manual)
pirc** Online 21h 52m ago de91e68e
puszol Offline 013288c0 (manual)
ravezoR Online 16h 26m ago 243b0db3 (manual)
rayquaz Offline 0422b372 (manual)
rideer_- Offline - Offline 7507f198
smokeblunt Online 5h 48m ago
CGAC - 5h 48m ago
SPIKEWHO Offline -
steelown3d Offline 04b368ef
strumfich Online 8h 54m ago
CGAC - 9h 6m ago
830f0ccd (manual)
vioqor Offline ac6205b5 (manual)


Have A Nice Day:)

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_railyard
2-0 win to Have A Nice Day:)

Map #2 - mp_trainstation
Not Played

Have A Nice Day:) submitted:
mp_railyard2-0 win to Have A Nice Day:)
Submitted by fURBYx - 6:47am 1/8/21
Chaos :-) submitted:
mp_railyard2-0 win to Have A Nice Day:)
Submitted by dudekkk - 6:52am 1/8/21

Have A Nice Day:) vs Chaos :-)

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Sunday 4:52am August 1st 2021 CEST.