MATCH ID: 905522

Vrozena Vada

0 - 2

s f o r a COLLECTIVE

Vrozena Vada

s f o r a COLLECTIVE








Ladder Match



Match time

February 24th, 7:34am CEST

Match Details

Match ID:905522
Match Name:Match 905522
Vrozena Vada won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: February 24th, 7:34am CEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: EU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: s f o r a COLLECTIVE
Played: 649 days, 18 hours, 56 min ago
s f o r a COLLECTIVE won the match 2-0
s f o r a COLLECTIVE gained 24 ELO
Vrozena Vada lost 24 ELO
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Vrozena Vada
Name: Status GUID
Adioquik Offline 8f21cb75 (manual)
AjxeRa Offline 4c24f681
askeslav Offline f9017261 (manual)
carbon2000 Offline 7ZJZ4806 (manual)
Cerkys Offline d504f1cf (manual)
compactaj Offline 1fd25812 (manual)
Czechdano Offline ceeae050 (manual)
d3N!S Offline 52a7029a (manual)
Dady1337 Offline 757a8773 (manual)
dandahej Offline 0E96F0C1 (manual)
DESMEON Offline 16d89b4a
DudlajS Offline 2aaf7270
ENSI Offline -
Esik Offline 66eb3f52
evilman Offline ea1eb311 (manual)
ext Offline bb6e14a9 (manual)
freddddd Offline 7e9c8ce8 (manual)
george175 Offline -
GLOBALmix.Hack Offline 5740f327
052fbe (manual)
H4Lv4 Offline -
hnusnejchlap Offline abc110f2
hollister Offline 98311c11 (manual)
hurvajz4 Offline 9c472094 (manual)
indY Offline 27D55878 (manual)
JARDA.JAGR Offline 09d99888 (manual)
jepla Offline 0c71afe4 (manual)
koudyzzz Offline -
lakatosh Offline 0c6c453a (manual)
lerix Offline 20651049 (manual)
ludvo Offline 8ce9d409 (manual)
lutzoR Offline -
M R Z Offline ccac178 (manual)
matrixpurepwner Offline 645972b4 (manual)
Mirecheck Offline c24102a9 (manual)
Offline -
Mr.TvolayZ- Offline 6c46f422 (manual)
pelikan Offline c93a8ebd (manual)
rarasek Offline -
rednv2 Offline a227b4f9 (manual)
rizi Offline 7FA54FD1 (manual)
RYSKEEEEER^^ Offline 5a0b3f47 (manual)
SENOR VAC Offline 326b8c74 (manual)
sinner. Offline 87e7f55d (manual)
solomanER Offline bb0f1755 (manual)
steelOu Offline 96b3171b (manual)
stenyyy Offline a1f93542 (manual)
taky Offline -
TALDA Offline b52e9a94 (manual)
tOPE Offline 5a07af4a (manual)
vnx Offline -
VORELBACKv2 Offline 07d06550
YounGun Offline b974d682 (manual)
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s f o r a COLLECTIVE
Name: Status GUID
4DD1CT Offline -
craven Offline 67f6d7ca (manual)
h3lioS Offline 9beefa6c (manual)
LawL1et Offline dc60edab (manual)
P1kseLLLL Offline 50ffde27 (manual)
puszol Offline 013288c0 (manual)
rideer_- Offline -
SPIKEWHO Offline -


s f o r a COLLECTIVE

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to s f o r a COLLECTIVE

Map #2 - mp_railyard
1-0 win to s f o r a COLLECTIVE

Only one team has submitted the scores
s f o r a COLLECTIVE submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to s f o r a COLLECTIVE
mp_railyard1-0 win to s f o r a COLLECTIVE
Submitted by 4DD1CT - 8:52am 24/2/21

Vrozena Vada vs s f o r a COLLECTIVE

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Wednesday 7:34am February 24th 2021 CEST.