MATCH ID: 903679

Let's lose it

0 - 2

unionsqd - Gaming

Let's lose it

unionsqd - Gaming








Ladder Match



Match time

February 20th, 6:24am CEST

Match Details

Match ID:903679
Match Name:Match 903679
unionsqd - Gaming won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: February 20th, 6:24am CEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: EU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: unionsqd - Gaming
Played: 717 days, 19 hours, 44 min ago
unionsqd - Gaming won the match 2-0
unionsqd - Gaming gained 50 ELO
Let's lose it lost 50 ELO
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Let's lose it
Name: Status GUID
AdamlixZUR Offline 3edebed8
alfa- Offline -
Blinde Offline 1d020f69
D3zz Offline -
dav1s! Offline 9f035dcf
GLOBALmix.Hack Offline 5740f327
052fbe (manual)
inhox Offline -
L3GUAN3K Offline 3ad2d814 (manual)
Latys Offline -
mAxxEl Offline -
Mr.TvolayZ- Offline 6c46f422 (manual)
Pritemn Offline 8b70b132
raiden Offline -
roe Offline f97b0c20 (manual)
Stajny4 Offline 66000b6d
713509 (manual)
VerunQa Offline -
Zacpik Offline 5ccf13a2
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unionsqd - Gaming
Name: Status GUID
0121evaN Offline 82CC981D (manual)
aczde Offline -
Ax1ferv2 Offline a9d90764 (manual)
axira53 Offline ec8f823f (manual)
c0ckEh Offline 1b7bcd93 (manual)
chron1z Offline -
costaZ Offline f3e9ca56 (manual)
Dejan* Offline c769e032 (manual)
DinakiasS Offline b77a0496 (manual)
doitlikePlay Offline -
exelnl Offline b570568f
Frankthepunk Offline 9af998de (manual)
fuzioN Offline a33979F0 (manual)
henk074 Offline 606cd0a6 (manual)
loftzu Offline -
lutzoR Offline -
m4xzU Offline cda9c623
e8831e21 (manual)
MALIBUUxv2 Offline 196f6c9c
NeurOtheReal Offline 91d9b2e4 (manual)
pEoPlEzZz :) Offline 25b531a2 (manual)
skz Offline fea25f90 (manual)
SolidSnek Offline -
unos Offline -
Vuzqii Offline -
WvdZ Offline 38c97cf4 (manual)


unionsqd - Gaming

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming

Map #2 - mp_dawnville
1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming

Only one team has submitted the scores
Let's lose it submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to Let's lose it
mp_dawnville1-0 win to Let's lose it
Submitted by dav1s! - 7:39am 20/2/21

Let's lose it vs unionsqd - Gaming

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Saturday 6:24am February 20th 2021 CEST.