MATCH ID: 902017

* A R M I A *

2 - 0

Strong-Enemy 5v5

* A R M I A *

Strong-Enemy 5v5








Ladder Match



Match time

February 16th, 7:39am CEST

Match Details

Match ID:902017
Match Name:Match 902017
Strong-Enemy 5v5 won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: February 16th, 7:39am CEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: EU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: * A R M I A *
Played: 657 days, 17 hours, 3 min ago
* A R M I A * won the match 2-0
* A R M I A * gained 48 ELO
Strong-Enemy 5v5 lost 48 ELO
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* A R M I A *
Name: Status GUID
dudekkk Offline f332e9 (manual)
FNXZZ. Offline -
hamek Offline -
kazar Offline -
lackyyy Offline 8a2e175f
mavoRRR Offline 2e8eb4fc (manual)
NightfurY! Offline 5c427043
P1kseLLLL Offline 50ffde27 (manual)
pha1l Offline 91ef807d (manual)
rideer_- Offline -
samuu Offline 73310d82 (manual)
SPIKEWHO Offline -
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Strong-Enemy 5v5
Name: Status GUID
AjxeRa Offline 4c24f681
anakzAKAR Offline 902d104d (manual)
Andynator235 Offline -
aNfeli Offline -
askeslav Offline f9017261 (manual)
benkoslav Offline 97e02ef3 (manual)
cepe Offline 9aa1c101 (manual)
CHLEBAA Offline d70f1620
coxzje Offline fcc0cb82 (manual)
coxzjeee Offline fcc0cb82 (manual)
Dady1337 Offline 757a8773 (manual)
daviz12 Offline b1a10af7 (manual)
durexiiik Offline 6d3c8440 (manual)
ENSI Offline -
Fazi Offline 588e33e7 (manual)
ferdaz Offline -
hajuru Offline 35f57c85
hellix_ Offline 9fe3250a
07cab8c0 (manual)
hoher Offline 3165b8c8 (manual)
Hrot Offline 40afb530
irreeL Offline -
jankiz Offline bf2d185c (manual)
jirkavondrka Offline 63cb06ed (manual)
jza Offline 7f375045 (manual)
martaseq Offline -
mavalam Offline -
nykr Offline fc793ba7
oglio Offline 9e427be4 (manual)
pANZIII Offline -
pelikan Offline c93a8ebd (manual)
pHAENOM Offline 9d9c4b00 (manual)
polka369 Offline -
Rautrs Offline -
shinnnn Offline e9e24507 (manual)
Skaffaboy Offline -
solomanER Offline bb0f1755 (manual)
spec__ Offline a1571306 (manual)
steelz Offline 9945dbac (manual)
STOYLOW Offline 23f47ee1 (manual)
swalker- Offline -
synnNN Offline 271bda36 (manual)
The Omniscient Offline 0cc98d0b
856c3102 (manual)
trollhunter- Offline 92003463 (manual)
vladis Offline 357e14d2 (manual)
YOLOTRON300 Offline 624380cd
yzRz Offline 0fb63d97


* A R M I A *

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_railyard
1-0 win to * A R M I A *

Map #2 - mp_dawnville
1-0 win to * A R M I A *

Only one team has submitted the scores
* A R M I A * submitted:
mp_railyard1-0 win to * A R M I A *
mp_dawnville1-0 win to * A R M I A *
Submitted by mavoRRR - 5:17am 17/2/21
* A R M I A * submitted:
mp_railyard1-0 win to * A R M I A *
mp_dawnville1-0 win to * A R M I A *
Submitted by hamek - 6:53pm 19/2/21

* A R M I A * vs Strong-Enemy 5v5

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Tuesday 7:39am February 16th 2021 CEST.