MATCH ID: 894890

unionsqd - Gaming

1 - 0


unionsqd - Gaming









Ladder Match



Match time

January 24th, 4:51am CEST

Match Details

Match ID:894890
Match Name:Match 894890
unionsqd - Gaming won the coin flip
Status: Completed
Time: January 24th, 4:51am CEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: EU: PC
Division: Open
Winner: unionsqd - Gaming
Played: 679 days, 11 hours, 58 min ago
unionsqd - Gaming won the match 1-0
unionsqd - Gaming gained 54 ELO
ugnc lost 54 ELO
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unionsqd - Gaming
Name: Status GUID
0121evaN Offline 82CC981D (manual)
aczde Offline -
Ax1ferv2 Offline a9d90764 (manual)
axira53 Offline ec8f823f (manual)
c0ckEh Offline 1b7bcd93 (manual)
chron1z Offline -
costaZ Offline f3e9ca56 (manual)
Dejan* Offline c769e032 (manual)
DinakiasS Offline b77a0496 (manual)
doitlikePlay Offline -
exelnl Offline b570568f
Frankthepunk Offline 9af998de (manual)
fuzioN Offline a33979F0 (manual)
henk074 Offline 606cd0a6 (manual)
loftzu Offline -
lutzoR Offline -
m4xzU Offline cda9c623
e8831e21 (manual)
MALIBUUxv2 Offline 196f6c9c
NeurOtheReal Offline 91d9b2e4 (manual)
pEoPlEzZz :) Offline 25b531a2 (manual)
skz Offline fea25f90 (manual)
SolidSnek Offline -
unos Offline -
Vuzqii Offline -
WvdZ Offline 38c97cf4 (manual)
Name: Status GUID
1v1.master.Three Offline a286cd27 (manual)
8ky Offline 72ac3a70
3e80ea25 (manual)
AjxeRa Offline 4c24f681
alpacakkk Offline 0111a4c1 (manual)
askeslav Offline f9017261 (manual)
B.o.B Offline -
CH1KARA Offline 130265b3 (manual)
chudy Offline 7482f7a9
2fbed6cf (manual)
compactaj Offline 1fd25812 (manual)
Dutchboy Offline d6dd1c9e (manual)
dymatize953 Offline 98cc0b96 Offline b4128c17
56854dab (manual)
eOrk Offline de532027
EYZA Offline 2a47b5e8 (manual)
freddddd Offline 7e9c8ce8 (manual)
graejx Offline c70ae23a (manual)
GUIDICEK Offline 80f04e1f (manual)
head Offline 285ca1e5 (manual)
Headhunter Offline 5f7f1920
hitzoR Offline 0905b836
d7b4b3cb (manual)
hnusnejchlap Offline abc110f2
janzor Offline 74c67882 (manual)
jza Offline 7f375045 (manual)
lampy Offline -
lampy.oo Offline 527fbef8 (manual)
marty_vole Offline 41cc3810 (manual)
Mr.TvolayZ- Offline 6c46f422 (manual)
P.698 Offline c66e04d7 (manual)
rednv2 Offline a227b4f9 (manual)
RYSKEEEEER^^ Offline 5a0b3f47 (manual)
teqi- Offline 767fad1d (manual)
TOMASOVEC Offline 7dd62b66 (manual)
tomik Offline d3fde044 (manual)
VLM- Offline 386ea2db


unionsqd - Gaming

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_dawnville
Not Played

Map #2 - mp_trainstation
1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming

Demo by Headhunter 23 months ago
unionsqd - Gaming submitted:
mp_dawnville1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming
mp_trainstation1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming
Submitted by Frankthepunk - 6:40am 24/1/21
ugnc submitted:
mp_dawnville1-0 win to ugnc
mp_trainstation1-0 win to unionsqd - Gaming
Submitted by Headhunter - 6:53am 24/1/21

unionsqd - Gaming vs ugnc

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Sunday 4:51am January 24th 2021 CEST.