MATCH ID: 885746

simply the best

2 - 0


simply the best









Ladder Match



Match time

July 3rd, 10:06am AEST

Match Details

Match ID:885746
Match Name:Match 885746
Status: Completed
Time: July 3rd, 10:06am AEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: simply the best
Played: 34 days, 12 hours, 29 min ago
simply the best won the match 2-0
simply the best gained 32 ELO
zEhk1dz lost 32 ELO
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simply the best
Name: Status GUID
Andruz Offline cd53cf65 (manual)
blavex Offline 9913f191 (manual)
CODZ1LLA Offline -
crzbot Online 1h 49m ago 49ff5444 (manual)
daniel94 Offline 40c23eb5
f99b15c4 (manual)
david(: Online 15h 34m ago
CGAC - 15h 33m ago
7c7f938e (manual)
Davtsunekki Offline 1bb2933 (manual)
dwaRfee Offline ffd4c41a (manual)
ESPRIT. Online 14h 14m ago -
Fleshx Offline cdd0a320 (manual)
FREON Offline 92b40ebc (manual)
hokizje Offline 7b5e5fb8
89605cf5 (manual)
infyy Online 12h 31m ago
CGAC - 12h 31m ago
7939e98 (manual)
KRADZZjE Offline 3a3e5272 (manual)
ntomee Offline 0c2bae1b
nviktor16 Offline 890ea38a (manual)
OrjanNilsen Offline 405f4ace (manual)
ParDON Online 1h 53m ago 79b2c65c
Robustoka Offline 41ee8532 (manual)
TigerSecske Offline 6f31863d
tikiri2pac_V.Davi... Offline 018cee22 (manual)
winzeeer Online 39m ago 641cc719
zenduletes Offline fe422547
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antondord Offline 0c5b3a26 (manual)
Blackchaos.' Offline 26c1926b (manual)
borgore Offline 02947de9
danci Online 15h 11m ago
CGAC - 15h 11m ago
danneiz Offline a4928951
Dutchboy Online 17h 24m ago d6dd1c9e (manual)
el barto Offline -
exelnl Online 15h 47m ago b570568f
F1CHO Offline 8bf9c411 (manual)
Foxbuster Online 15h 4m ago f629231f
fURBYx Online 3h 49m ago
CGAC - 17h 15m ago
1311569e (manual)
ghost89 Offline cb36002 (manual)
graejx Offline c70ae23a (manual)
gu4 Online 20h 13m ago 3fa4a8a7 (manual)
Hatton Online 17h 28m ago 46f68176 (manual)
iconz Online 17h 37m ago 6cfb91d2 (manual)
infyy Online 12h 31m ago
CGAC - 12h 31m ago
7939e98 (manual)
iStamp Offline -
jENk1ns Online 13h 46m ago
CGAC - 13h 42m ago
Jenz Online 35m ago
CGAC - 12h 31m ago
johansen Offline f86dd8b4
jONESSY Offline -
kazar Offline -
Lancelele Offline fd323e4c (manual)
LEDAX Online 22h 51m ago 16af8dc6
m4uz Offline 9f3a6ef8
masonn- Offline 8d5f618d (manual)
mavalam Offline -
miLkkk Online 12h ago
CGAC - 15h 11m ago
2103bc8c (manual)
mozart Online 3h 54m ago 490262fa (manual)
NightfurY! Offline d213d8a4 (manual)
Nug Offline cd88f850 (manual)
Paty Shepard
Offline edeb39ca (manual)
pawadox Offline 793ecc6e (manual)
pim :))) Offline f48070b8 (manual)
ptrsploit Online 21h 2m ago
CGAC - 19h 59m ago
qnzz Offline 79365890
rapidzjeh / nath Offline 0d1fd5ee
91272d38 (manual)
ravezoR Online 17h 52m ago 243b0db3 (manual)
REK2 / Ryan Offline 9a65e431
e3a2a51c (manual)
Richard_ Offline -
suarezcy Offline 28303619 (manual)
vioqor Online 4h 45m ago ac6205b5 (manual)
VonSteel Offline 75e3380b (manual)
wAde Offline f58281e0 (manual)
wascht Offline 51d240d5 (manual)


simply the best

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_carentan
1-0 win to simply the best

Map #2 - mp_matmata
1-0 win to simply the best

simply the best submitted:
mp_carentan1-0 win to simply the best
mp_matmata1-0 win to simply the best
Submitted by ESPRIT. - 11:00am 3/7/20
zEhk1dz submitted:
mp_carentan1-0 win to simply the best
mp_matmata1-0 win to simply the best
Submitted by Blackchaos.' - 11:00am 3/7/20

simply the best vs zEhk1dz

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Friday 10:06am July 3rd 2020 AEST.