MATCH ID: 885343

HD Gaming

2 - 0

limitless e-sports

HD Gaming

limitless e-sports








Ladder Match



Match time

June 25th, 4:29am AEST

Match Details

Match ID:885343
Match Name:Match 885343
Status: Completed
Time: June 25th, 4:29am AEST
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: HD Gaming
Played: 42 days, 18 hours, 24 min ago
HD Gaming won the match 2-0
HD Gaming gained 28 ELO
limitless e-sports lost 28 ELO
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HD Gaming
Name: Status GUID
aim?! Offline b0200117 (manual)
baralg1n Offline 648298a3
dzh1n Offline 1527342d (manual)
liroy Offline -
Memphis_ Offline 5d590d81 (manual)
rarara_zames Offline -
Sergej Outbooster... Offline 7507f198
yehooooo Offline 46821286 (manual)
zekas Offline 269520a4 (manual)
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limitless e-sports
Name: Status GUID
Online 6h 29m ago 4c24f681
Anetka Offline 6dc643c8 (manual)
Blinde Offline
CGAC - 12:19am 5/8/20
bobystv Offline 7cf67af6 (manual)
bubysvk Offline 29ac87f4 (manual)
CHLEBAA Online 14h 2m ago
CGAC - 14h 8m ago
48258615 (manual)
cMANN Offline a16b4541 (manual)
CURWE Offline d72685b5 (manual)
dede. Offline ee80b1aa
ENSI Offline
CGAC - 14h 9m ago
FELINY Offline a09e1f5b (manual)
GLOBALmix.Hack Offline 5740f327
052fbe (manual)
Hatton Online 17h 45m ago 46f68176 (manual)
HITMEN Offline 7bd9b87b (manual)
hollister Offline 98311c11 (manual)
hory7 Offline 4ac8a0ec (manual)
jadeamber Offline 101101 (manual)
jihde Offline 65a8b4e7
KissOfDeath Offline 32f216c3 (manual)
kokZ Offline 1296c161
koudyzzz Offline -
lakatosh Offline 0c6c453a (manual)
Martinek_ Offline -
matyzje Offline 1d4a66f6 (manual)
Merus Offline 9919a465
mery Offline f6d4e95c (manual)
neqvo Offline 32f216c3 (manual)
Peacee:3 Offline
CGAC - 10:16am 5/8/20
3775edf2 (manual)
Pelikan- Online 50m ago
CGAC - 14h 9m ago
c93a8ebd (manual)
picusek Offline f26c9a46 (manual)
Sawyeer Offline -
Sh0rty Offline d1a0e30f (manual)
Stajny4 Offline 66000b6d
713509 (manual)
tadoslav Offline 7d90a6dc (manual)
TheRey Online 1h 48m ago f5fa803b (manual)
tOPE Offline
CGAC - 7:47am 5/8/20
5a07af4a (manual)
van Damme Offline 04f1d310 (manual)
Whitemann Offline 7fe822aa (manual)
wors Offline 02b30e43 (manual)
yxmstroj Offline ed4eed44 (manual)
Zacpik Offline 5ccf13a2
_MaT? Offline c678466a (manual)


HD Gaming

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_railyard
1-0 win to HD Gaming

Map #2 - mp_matmata
1-0 win to HD Gaming

Only one team has submitted the scores
HD Gaming submitted:
mp_railyard1-0 win to HD Gaming
mp_matmata1-0 win to HD Gaming
Submitted by aim?! - 5:40am 25/6/20

HD Gaming vs limitless e-sports

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Thursday 4:29am June 25th 2020 AEST.