MATCH ID: 868960

team amadeus

1 - 0


team amadeus









Ladder Match



Match time

May 27th, 8:47pm

Match Details

Match ID:868960
Status: Completed
Time: May 27th, 8:47pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: team amadeus
Played: 86 days, 20 hours, 45 min ago
team amadeus won the match 1-0
team amadeus gained 56 ELO
TEA5URED lost 56 ELO
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team amadeus
Name: Status GUID
!KER Offline f53ef987
bmx Offline 043510cb (manual)
Dadx Offline 45635e31 (manual)
dandy Offline 5b28d0a9 (manual)
danger_^ Offline 7e682517 (manual)
ENFYYYYYY Offline 4da3f949 (manual)
F1co- Offline 49c38202 (manual)
gu4 Online 3h 17m ago 3fa4a8a7 (manual)
hilamo Offline 3936b161
infyy Offline 7939e98 (manual)
ka ka Offline 04e38841
krayen` Offline 3cff26dc (manual)
lackyyy Offline 085e31cc (manual)
lukzor Offline 8bd1a06a (manual)
m4uz Offline 9f3a6ef8
Merus Online 19h 20m ago
CGAC - 8:18pm 21/8/19
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
palinho Offline 1448c296 (manual)
paty shepard Offline edeb39ca (manual)
penaq Offline -
PEPEEE Offline 3200b4e2
Prolega Offline 6330b470 (manual)
Rewowskyi7 ` Offline 6227d42e (manual)
SasQuatch* Offline 6144191b (manual)
smokeblunt Offline -
solomanER Online 20h 39m ago
CGAC - 20h 39m ago
bb0f1755 (manual)
swaggeRRR(: Offline -
wikiwaa Offline f4c6b85d
wittieee Offline 42e477a3 (manual)
Zyxel Offline 7d4fcb1c
ee22ea7f (manual)
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Name: Status GUID
Adidas Offline f7472d3c (manual)
AJVO Offline b1db7d3e (manual)
AjxiK Offline 4c24f681
ANGEEELS Offline -
arabella Offline 0bd75f3d (manual)
benkoslav Offline 97e02ef3 (manual)
bil. Offline 16f00f3a (manual)
Dadx Offline 45635e31 (manual)
Dady1337 Offline 757a8773 (manual)
dandy Offline 5b28d0a9 (manual)
dede. Offline ee80b1aa
Fazi Offline 588e33e7 (manual)
flamee Offline -
fLrZ^^ Offline -
gotys Offline a941aa27 (manual)
hellix_ Offline 9fe3250a
07cab8c0 (manual)
hory7 Offline 4ac8a0ec (manual)
Inmotion Offline 789bff51 (manual)
ludo77 Offline 51dab01f (manual)
M R Z Offline ccac178 (manual)
martaseq Offline -
P.698 Offline c66e04d7 (manual)
PARAMORE Offline -
picusek Offline f26c9a46 (manual)
ppL Offline c1f74d26
9dcdbe (manual)
rad0 Offline -
RnDll89 Offline 6f3b1c18
26dfd6be (manual)
Rpzw Offline 93bfb35f (manual)
Sawyeer Offline -
solomanER Online 20h 39m ago
CGAC - 20h 39m ago
bb0f1755 (manual)
Vity Offline 96270a88 (manual)
vladis Offline 357e14d2 (manual)
YOLOTRON300 Offline 624380cd


team amadeus

Best of 1



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to team amadeus

Only one team has submitted the scores
team amadeus submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to team amadeus
Submitted by Rewowskyi7 ` - 10:38pm 30/5/19

team amadeus vs TEA5URED

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Monday 8:47pm May 27th 2019 .