MATCH ID: 868604

immortals [4v4-5v5]

1 - 0

GX gaming

immortals [4v4-5v5]

GX gaming








Ladder Match



Match time

May 21st, 6:56pm

Match Details

Match ID:868604
Status: Completed
Time: May 21st, 6:56pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: immortals [4v4-5v5]
Played: 174 days, 5 hours, 46 min ago
immortals [4v4-5v5] won the match 1-0
immortals [4v4-5v5] gained 3 ELO
GX gaming lost 3 ELO
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immortals [4v4-5v5]
Name: Status GUID
aleph Offline e7027f3b
af5d63e8 (manual)
ENFYYYYYY Offline 4da3f949 (manual)
F1CHO Offline 8bf9c411 (manual)
infyy Offline 7939e98 (manual)
ka ka Offline 04e38841
krayen` Offline 3cff26dc (manual)
m4uz Online 2h 34m ago
CGAC - 2h 34m ago
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
Noddy Mars Offline -
QZR Offline 131b5d67
65fb8ac3 (manual)
wikiwaa Offline f4c6b85d
zhoma Offline c21a2606 (manual)
Zyprex Offline -
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GX gaming
Name: Status GUID
!KER Offline f53ef987
ANGEEELS Offline -
aokiji' Offline cda9c623
e8831e21 (manual)
Apisteftos (N4B17... Offline aee88d76
4616c1ed (manual)
BacaRdii[CODMVP] Offline f15ac978
d6e7c1dd (manual)
bmx Offline 043510cb (manual)
Cuesta Offline -
Fle3super3 Offline -
gumeni Offline c3121ee4 (manual)
infyy Offline 7939e98 (manual)
johansen Offline df8705e3
51dbbffb (manual)
jONESSY Offline -
krayen` Offline 3cff26dc (manual)
Lazzy1 Offline -
lutz11 Offline -
masoo Offline 600379ff
9f2a1ee2 (manual)
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
nahran Offline fb196979 (manual)
Noddy Mars Offline -
octane Offline -
op4m1k1 Offline 980eb226 (manual)
pamparoja Offline 98a4f61a
penaq Offline -
Rewowskyi7 ` Offline 6227d42e (manual)
Sergej Outbooster... Offline
CGAC - 9:47pm 10/11/19
solomanER Offline bb0f1755 (manual)
tehmaxxL Online 1h 56m ago
CGAC - 1h 56m ago
tooxje Online 3h 48m ago 355aefda (manual)
TrigEEEr Online Now!
CGAC - 1h 55m ago
VICTORYMACHINE Offline bd787fab
f34b67 (manual)
wittieee Online 55m ago
CGAC Running
42e477a3 (manual)
x 3 0 N again ?! Offline 5629c353 (manual)
Zyxel Offline
CGAC - 9:17pm 9/11/19
ee22ea7f (manual)


immortals [4v4-5v5]

Best of 1



Map #1 - mp_burgundy
1-0 win to immortals [4v4-5v5]

Only one team has submitted the scores
immortals [4v4-5v5] submitted:
mp_burgundy1-0 win to immortals [4v4-5v5]
Submitted by ENFYYYYYY - 8:17pm 21/5/19

immortals [4v4-5v5] vs GX gaming

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Tuesday 6:56pm May 21st 2019 .