MATCH ID: 866979


0 - 2

turbo x[Retired]


turbo x[Retired]








Ladder Match



Match time

April 22nd, 3:42pm

Match Details

Match ID:866979
Status: Completed
Time: April 22nd, 3:42pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: turbo x[Retired]
Played: 34 days, 13 hours, 19 min ago
turbo x[Retired] won the match 2-0
turbo x[Retired] gained 11 ELO
spaceforce lost 11 ELO
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Name: Status GUID
ach1llezz Offline
CGAC - 2:57am 26/5/19
fbd971bb (manual)
ANGEEELS Online 2h 10m ago
CGAC - 2h 10m ago
BIXX Offline 8fa50196
BLUBL Online 3h 36m ago
CGAC - 5h 8m ago
f1392d9d (manual)
bmx Online 9h 36m ago
CGAC - 6h 39m ago
043510cb (manual)
boxez Online 8h 31m ago
CGAC - 7h 31m ago
7dd35323 (manual)
ByaoS (Barry/ManT... Online 6h 47m ago
CGAC - 7h 8m ago
chaz` Offline 9ce29f4a
CHEV1337 Offline faad202 (manual)
Dadx Online 8h 37m ago
CGAC - 8h 37m ago
45635e31 (manual)
dandy Online 3h 21m ago
CGAC - 3h 22m ago
5b28d0a9 (manual)
Daveyy Online 6h 42m ago
CGAC - 7h 8m ago
b9d9667c (manual)
döme Offline
CGAC - 2:50am 26/5/19
5b680e4 (manual)
exelnl Offline b570568f
infyy Online 2h 43m ago
CGAC - 1h 21m ago
7939e98 (manual)
ka ka Online 3h 21m ago
CGAC - 3h 22m ago
kAzaza Online 2h 20m ago
CGAC - 2h 10m ago
krayen` Online 7h 41m ago
CGAC - 6h 27m ago
3cff26dc (manual)
Lowbz Online 5h 19m ago
CGAC - 5h 15m ago
lukzor Online 12h 14m ago
CGAC - 3h 52m ago
8bd1a06a (manual)
m4uz Offline 9f3a6ef8
masax Offline bb6bd55c
701f118a (manual)
matrewka Online 3h 7m ago
CGAC - 2h 10m ago
e67cdc95 (manual)
menta. Offline -
Merus Online 1h 1m ago
CGAC - 2h 11m ago
mordockcod2 Offline 9b8db540
03e019b5 (manual)
Noddy Mars Offline -
palinho Online 7h 31m ago
CGAC - 7h 31m ago
1448c296 (manual)
pamparoja Online 4h 49m ago
CGAC - 2h 10m ago
ppL Offline c1f74d26
9dcdbe (manual)
Prolega Online 3h 52m ago
CGAC - 3h 52m ago
6330b470 (manual)
scpr Online 3h 21m ago
CGAC - 3h 22m ago
SUN. Online 7h 31m ago
CGAC - 7h 31m ago
03d9d415 (manual)
TrigEEEr Offline -
x 3 0 N again ?! Offline 5629c353 (manual)
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turbo x[Retired]
Name: Status GUID
anakzAKAR Online 8h 19m ago
CGAC - 8h 19m ago
902d104d (manual)
Bl4diii Online 6h 25m ago 6143f05e (manual)
Blackchaos.' Online 2h 29m ago
CGAC - 7h 6m ago
26c1926b (manual)
bmblbe Offline 8dc45ca0 (manual)
chaz` Offline 9ce29f4a
chrisyh Offline
CGAC - 7h 6m ago
8d5f618d (manual)
danneiz Offline a4928951
dem0nick Offline fed50514 (manual)
devzr Offline
CGAC - 10:40pm 25/5/19
e483d6f5 (manual)
dOOWAYST Offline 495ce698 (manual)
Dutchboy Offline
CGAC - 12:21am 26/5/19
d6dd1c9e (manual)
fURBYx Offline
CGAC - 12:21am 26/5/19
1311569e (manual)
Hatton Offline 46f68176 (manual)
iStamp Offline -
KLAKSZ Offline -
koen- Offline 20f01fa2
4737cfcd (manual)
krayen` Online 7h 41m ago
CGAC - 6h 27m ago
3cff26dc (manual)
kspr Offline
CGAC - 12:21am 26/5/19
miLkkk Offline
CGAC - 12:21am 26/5/19
2103bc8c (manual)
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
NightfurY! Online 12h 50m ago d213d8a4 (manual)
Nug Online 8h 10m ago cd88f850 (manual)
pawadox Offline 793ecc6e (manual)
raptr93 Offline -
ravezoR Online 15h 51m ago
CGAC - 7h 52m ago
243b0db3 (manual)
Richard_ Offline -
scrzzz Offline b261c3c9 (manual)
sER Offline
CGAC - 7h 6m ago
Smashval Offline b94f6bd5 (manual)
So_LiT~ Offline -
super Offline 6919708f (manual)
tikiri2pac_V.Davi... Offline 018cee22 (manual)
vansie Offline d6808f27 (manual)
wAde Offline
CGAC - 7h 6m ago
f58281e0 (manual)
wascht Offline 39aeef37 (manual)


turbo x[Retired]

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]

Map #2 - mp_railyard
1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]

Only one team has submitted the scores
turbo x[Retired] submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]
mp_railyard1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]
Submitted by Blackchaos.' - 4:41pm 22/4/19

spaceforce vs turbo x[Retired]

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Monday 3:42pm April 22nd 2019 .