MATCH ID: 866717


2 - 0

Team demoup


Team demoup








Ladder Match



Match time

April 16th, 1:26am

Match Details

Match ID:866717
Status: Completed
Time: April 16th, 1:26am
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: hazebusters
Played: 185 days, 13 hours, 57 min ago
hazebusters won the match 2-0
hazebusters gained 48 ELO
Team demoup lost 48 ELO
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Name: Status GUID
b1z Offline c48595fd (manual)
Blackchaos.' Offline 26c1926b (manual)
blueangel Online 20h 1m ago ff234098 (manual)
bmx Offline 043510cb (manual)
bRATNEY Offline 1985272e (manual)
brysoN Offline -
Charbel Offline -
cZAAAr Offline aba4328b (manual)
dasJ Offline 72911cab (manual)
EL_ALFREDO Offline -
F1CHO Offline 8bf9c411 (manual)
FENiKz Offline 95f4b140
0e974ea9 (manual)
FLESHLIGHT83 Offline 309fdfbb (manual)
fooZar Offline 3db1891b (manual)
fURBYx Offline afa79abd
1311569e (manual)
fuzioN Offline a33979F0 (manual)
Gaara2K Offline eff2080e (manual)
grizzli Offline cfa271a0
infyy Online 16h 47m ago
CGAC - 15h ago
7939e98 (manual)
jokhem Offline 774acd89
kikzoRj Offline 0cc86911 (manual)
King AARON Offline 3823a1ae (manual)
LEDAX Offline 16af8dc6
LEKIZHEJ Offline 94938b41 (manual)
Ludes Offline 26445a74 (manual)
markb^ Offline 174b0022 (manual)
MIB_TiTo Offline -
miLkkk Offline 2103bc8c (manual)
mlazzje Offline 3bef2264 (manual)
mordockcod2 Offline 9b8db540
03e019b5 (manual)
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
myzz Offline -
Nanka Offline 5d0e989e (manual)
Noeysis Offline d54ce19f (manual)
obannonek Offline 65b29141 (manual)
pussyfothermuckers Offline -
rix Offline b1fb5876 (manual)
sacred2580 Offline 6c12563e
6c12463e (manual)
scrzzz Offline b261c3c9 (manual)
Smashval Offline b94f6bd5 (manual)
snkr Offline 918301fc (manual)
TrigEEEr Online 16h 27m ago -
tune Offline e564ce05 (manual)
uNdEadEEEz'rRrRRr... Offline a95fdce1 (manual)
uzuma Offline 56fe7a40 (manual)
valezka Offline -
vansie Online 14h 32m ago
CGAC - 14h 45m ago
d6808f27 (manual)
VO1DZ Offline 2ee61534 (manual)
vuga Offline bf702f90 (manual)
w1llyyY Offline 060a62 (manual)
wAde Offline
CGAC - 1:02am 17/10/19
f58281e0 (manual)
x4TOMTOMx4 Offline 2354e829
730f5a73 (manual)
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Team demoup
Name: Status GUID
ach1llezz Offline b3f1f949
fbd971bb (manual)
ANGEEELS Offline -
BeLaJ Offline e8384662
373a4649 (manual)
fleshyy Offline -
Flocker Online 21h 23m ago 8aed7085 (manual)
graejx Online 15h ago
CGAC - 15h ago
c70ae23a (manual)
infyy Online 16h 47m ago
CGAC - 15h ago
7939e98 (manual)
Jankes Offline d2005f9b (manual)
ka ka Offline 04e38841
krayen` Offline 3cff26dc (manual)
KRTHJ Offline -
Kvizy Offline -
Lowbz Offline -
lukzor Offline 8bd1a06a (manual)
m4uz Offline 9f3a6ef8
maSka Offline 596b24d7 (manual)
matrewka Online 14h 25m ago e67cdc95 (manual)
menta. Offline -
Merus Online 19h 4m ago 9919a465
retroz- Online 16h 53m ago
CGAC - 1:02am 17/10/19
c3191b3f (manual)
solomane Offline bbof1755 (manual)
solomanER Offline bb0f1755 (manual)
tehmaxxL Offline -
TrigEEEr Online 16h 27m ago -
van Damme Offline 04f1d310 (manual)



Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to hazebusters

Map #2 - mp_dawnville
1-0 win to hazebusters

Only one team has submitted the scores
Team demoup submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to hazebusters
mp_dawnville1-0 win to hazebusters
Submitted by Merus - 2:28am 16/4/19

hazebusters vs Team demoup

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Tuesday 1:26am April 16th 2019 .