MATCH ID: 866540


0 - 1

Watch and Learn


Watch and Learn








Ladder Match



Match time

April 12th, 11:49pm

Match Details

Match ID:866540
Status: Completed
Time: April 12th, 11:49pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: Watch and Learn
Played: 44 days, 5 hours, 59 min ago
Watch and Learn won the match 1-0
Watch and Learn gained 16 ELO
BL|_|NTBYLON lost 16 ELO
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Name: Status GUID
!KER Online 6h 2m ago
CGAC - 6h 2m ago
BacaRdii[CODMVP] Offline f15ac978
d6e7c1dd (manual)
bayoRRR Offline
CGAC - 1:06am 26/5/19
BIXX Offline 8fa50196
blakeRRR Offline 4f277751 (manual)
BLEX[db] Offline -
bmx Online 10h 22m ago
CGAC - 7h 26m ago
043510cb (manual)
boxez Online 9h 18m ago
CGAC - 8h 18m ago
7dd35323 (manual)
chudy Offline
CGAC - 4:48am 26/5/19
2fbed6cf (manual)
clk* Offline 1594cf3a (manual)
cMANN Offline a16b4541 (manual)
Dadx Online 9h 24m ago
CGAC - 9h 24m ago
45635e31 (manual)
grizzli Offline cfa271a0
HALYDER Online 9h 24m ago
CGAC - 9h 25m ago
infyy Online 3h 30m ago
CGAC - 2h 7m ago
7939e98 (manual)
KLAKSZ Offline -
KOSILICA PWRR Offline 3b5fa850 (manual)
Lazzy1 Offline -
Low` Offline 5e7aaf65
m1ind0 Online 6h 42m ago
CGAC - 6h 42m ago
menta. Offline -
monthy Offline cd79d3e1
810bd5e0 (manual)
mordockcod2 Offline 9b8db540
03e019b5 (manual)
ninjae Offline -
nody Offline
CGAC - 4:48am 26/5/19
5b0647fd (manual)
pamparoja Online 5h 35m ago
CGAC - 2h 57m ago
penaq Online 2h 59m ago
CGAC - 2h 57m ago
prgOo Online 6h 30m ago
CGAC - 4:48am 26/5/19
Prolega Online 4h 39m ago
CGAC - 4h 39m ago
6330b470 (manual)
QZR Offline 131b5d67
65fb8ac3 (manual)
Razer1337 Offline -
requiemm Offline 8cdb4b37 (manual)
sKATEisalreadyinu... Offline 49b3ac71 (manual)
skillEEEr Offline -
SkyPjEh Offline 5db7acf2 (manual)
smokeblunt Offline -
stivyHERO Offline 91638586 (manual)
Stole Offline -
tommyqm Offline 853750b1 (manual)
TrigEEEr Offline -
voste Offline a0e9cb5a
86498168 (manual)
wikiwaa Online 15h 58m ago
CGAC - 6h 42m ago
wittieee Online 4h 18m ago
CGAC - 2h 57m ago
42e477a3 (manual)
Zyxel Online 8h 9m ago
CGAC - 6h 49m ago
ee22ea7f (manual)
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Watch and Learn
Name: Status GUID
$LONE Offline b86feb1b (manual)
alanpwns Offline ef22b2bd (manual)
bbberry Offline 965685b7 (manual)
brysoN Offline -
CharlesIngram Offline e0ed5532 (manual)
cwolvb Offline -
DAkiLLA Offline fb621ab2 (manual)
danneiz Offline a4928951
DEEZNN Offline 25ed159e
deki Offline 6e88f16b (manual)
dem0nick Offline fed50514 (manual)
dukkiiEaz Offline 8b31504e
f1ashyyy Offline -
Hatton Offline 46f68176 (manual)
herz Offline -
Jexerr Offline e6e7387d (manual)
jordanfamalam Offline -
kapteeni molo Offline a86dcfbf (manual)
Kokoaaa Offline 1ccc9627 (manual)
LEDAX Offline 16af8dc6
linden Offline f4412245 (manual)
Majkaaa Offline 04b9fd5a
markb^ Offline 174b0022 (manual)
Matjeq Offline -
miLkkk Offline
CGAC - 12:21am 26/5/19
2103bc8c (manual)
myzz Offline -
nighty09 Offline a1b63c1c (manual)
ono Offline 275695 (manual)
pussyfothermuckers Offline -
qLimAxzU1919 Offline a9cb1e6c
samlolhehexd Offline 338fbbe9 (manual)
Smashval Offline b94f6bd5 (manual)
smitherines Offline -
supreme Offline 51616f32 (manual)
valezka Offline -
vioqor Offline ac6205b5 (manual)
wAde Offline
CGAC - 7h 53m ago
f58281e0 (manual)


Watch and Learn

Best of 1



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to Watch and Learn

Only one team has submitted the scores
Watch and Learn submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to Watch and Learn
Submitted by markb^ - 1:02am 13/4/19

BL|_|NTBYLON vs Watch and Learn

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Friday 11:49pm April 12th 2019 .