MATCH ID: 864207


1 - 0

Have A Nice Day:)


Have A Nice Day:)








Ladder Match



Match time

March 13th, 11:22pm

Match Details

Match ID:864207
Status: Completed
Time: March 13th, 11:22pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Played: 67 days, 9 hours, 14 min ago
BLACKLISTED won the match 1-0
Have A Nice Day:) lost 52 ELO
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Name: Status GUID
Adidas Online 10h 50m ago
CGAC - 13h 28m ago
f7472d3c (manual)
Akaz Online 15h 38m ago 58da3db8 (manual)
Blinde Offline 9a9bde27 (manual)
bubysvk Offline 29ac87f4 (manual)
CHLEBAA Offline 48258615 (manual)
cMANN Offline a16b4541 (manual)
CURWE Offline d72685b5 (manual)
dede. Online 12h 23m ago
CGAC - 12h 23m ago
ENSI Online 8h 38m ago
CGAC - 9h 8m ago
FELINY Offline a09e1f5b (manual)
Fiik Online 9h 8m ago
CGAC - 9h 8m ago
32bd173d (manual)
Foxiino Offline 190a960f (manual)
GLOBALmix.Hack Offline 5740f327
052fbe (manual)
gotys Online 9h 50m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
a941aa27 (manual)
HITMEN Offline 7bd9b87b (manual)
hollister Offline 98311c11 (manual)
jadeamber Online 9h 8m ago
CGAC - 9h 8m ago
101101 (manual)
jedaii Offline -
jihde Offline 65a8b4e7
K0me Offline 80164a50 (manual)
koudy92 Offline 9e7feefd (manual)
krajtaa Offline 09d99888 (manual)
lakatosh Offline 0c6c453a (manual)
Martinek_ Online 12h 22m ago
CGAC - 12h 22m ago
matyzje Offline 1d4a66f6 (manual)
neqvo Offline 32f216c3 (manual)
nojxiik Offline 904c5f33
P.698 Offline c66e04d7 (manual)
Peacee:3 Online 8h 50m ago
CGAC - 9h 8m ago
3775edf2 (manual)
Pelikan- Online 8h 31m ago
CGAC - 9h 9m ago
c93a8ebd (manual)
picusek Online 13h 28m ago
CGAC - 13h 28m ago
f26c9a46 (manual)
RNBW Offline 7646f5da (manual)
Ross89 Offline e0aafad7 (manual)
Sawyeer Online 12h 50m ago -
slezskyfc Offline 615067f3 (manual)
Stajny4 Offline 66000b6d
713509 (manual)
TheRey Online 11h 39m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
f5fa803b (manual)
thomaZek Offline a97a2259 (manual)
van Damme Offline
CGAC - 11h 22m ago
04f1d310 (manual)
Whitemann Offline 7fe822aa (manual)
wors Online 13h 59m ago
CGAC - 13h 59m ago
02b30e43 (manual)
yxmstroj Offline ed4eed44 (manual)
Z3lv4 Offline
CGAC - 11:34pm 18/5/19
ff567433 (manual)
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Have A Nice Day:)
Name: Status GUID
anakzAKAR Online 9h 55m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
902d104d (manual)
bmblbe Online 18h 28m ago
CGAC - 10:30pm 18/5/19
8dc45ca0 (manual)
ByaoS (Barry/ManT... Offline a7ae4f68
CiiBaa Online 6h 33m ago 15693b3b
Daveyy Offline b9d9667c (manual)
deki Offline 6e88f16b (manual)
devzr Online 9h 52m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
e483d6f5 (manual)
drekzakar Offline c6be5ba5
EL_ALFREDO Offline -
facilos Offline 58fc5840 (manual)
graejx Offline c70ae23a (manual)
Grega (: mokE Offline 86e18577 (manual)
hamek Online 9h 44m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
Hatton Online 9h 24m ago
CGAC - 10h 50m ago
46f68176 (manual)
head Online 11h 21m ago 285ca1e5 (manual)
johannsson Offline c18b63 (manual)
jordanfamalam Offline -
kapteeni molo Offline a86dcfbf (manual)
Ke1000 Offline -
Ksen Offline 14b4d0fe (manual)
lazyi Offline -
LEDAX Offline 16af8dc6
markb^ Online 10h 23m ago 174b0022 (manual)
mavalam Offline -
miLkkk Online 13h 23m ago
CGAC - 13h 19m ago
2103bc8c (manual)
mozart Online 6h 28m ago
CGAC - 8h 51m ago
490262fa (manual)
nighty09 Offline a1b63c1c (manual)
ninjae Offline -
Nug Online 10h 1m ago cd88f850 (manual)
onizuka777 Online 12h 51m ago
CGAC - 5:43pm 18/5/19
f45f8f8c (manual)
pANZIII Offline
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
pawadox Online 9h 50m ago
CGAC - 9h 50m ago
793ecc6e (manual)
pha1l Offline 91ef807d (manual)
pongNL Offline -
Pugziii Offline 4df2f841
73411ed9 (manual)
pussyfothermuckers Online 9h 40m ago -
sacred2580 Offline 6c12563e
6c12463e (manual)
Savy Offline -
simzoor Offline a7390e06 (manual)
Sk1lzZ Online 9h 59m ago
CGAC - 12h 58m ago
2f316a0e (manual)
Skaffaboy Offline -
snkr Offline 918301fc (manual)
So_LiT~ Online 10h 11m ago -
Sp1RiT:D Offline
CGAC - 12h 58m ago
31f882e5 (manual)
supreme Offline 51616f32 (manual)
swalker- Offline -
TbOn3 Offline 7686a95 (manual)
The Omniscient Offline 0cc98d0b
856c3102 (manual)
trepz Offline e2ab0915 (manual)
WeedyWeedpecker Offline 43000d2c (manual)
yzRz Offline 0fb63d97



Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_carentan
1-0 win to BLACKLISTED

Map #2 - mp_toujane
Not Played

Demo by graejx 67 days ago
BLACKLISTED submitted:
mp_carentan1-0 win to BLACKLISTED
mp_toujane1-0 win to BLACKLISTED
Submitted by Whitemann - 12:48am 14/3/19
Have A Nice Day:) submitted:
mp_carentan12-8 win to BLACKLISTED
mp_toujane13-7 win to Have A Nice Day:)
Submitted by anakzAKAR - 12:40am 14/3/19
Have A Nice Day:) submitted:
mp_carentan12-8 win to BLACKLISTED
mp_toujane13-7 win to Have A Nice Day:)
Submitted by Daveyy - 2:00pm 14/3/19

BLACKLISTED vs Have A Nice Day:)

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Wednesday 11:22pm March 13th 2019 .