MATCH ID: 861421

Unsophisticated Hooligans

0 - 1

#always the next lan

Unsophisticated Hooligans

#always the next lan








Ladder Match



Match time

February 10th, 8:57pm

Match Details

Match ID:861421
Status: Completed
Time: February 10th, 8:57pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: #always the next lan
Played: 192 days, 19 hours, 52 min ago
#always the next lan won the match 1-0
#always the next lan gained 24 ELO
Unsophisticated Hooligans lost 24 ELO
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Unsophisticated Hooligans
Name: Status GUID
!KER Offline f53ef987
Blackchaos.' Offline
CGAC - 10:43pm 20/8/19
26c1926b (manual)
chrisyh Offline 8d5f618d (manual)
danneiz Offline a4928951
Dutchboy Offline d6dd1c9e (manual)
FACLY :> Offline 7a822c5a
fURBYx Offline afa79abd
1311569e (manual)
Hatton Online 23h 19m ago 46f68176 (manual)
jaroslav. Offline f95e59b4 (manual)
jordanfamalam Offline -
Jungkook Offline dae82fa3 (manual)
kspr Offline -
miLkkk Offline 2103bc8c (manual)
Monkkkkkkk Offline -
NightfurY! Offline d213d8a4 (manual)
nighty09 Offline a1b63c1c (manual)
Noddy Mars Offline -
Nug Offline cd88f850 (manual)
Pugziii Offline 4df2f841
73411ed9 (manual)
rapidzjeh / nath Offline 0d1fd5ee
91272d38 (manual)
ravezoR Offline 243b0db3 (manual)
REK2 / Ryan Offline 9a65e431
e3a2a51c (manual)
Richard_ Offline -
sER Online 19h 42m ago
CGAC - 19h 42m ago
super Offline
CGAC - 10:42pm 20/8/19
6919708f (manual)
VonSteel Offline 75e3380b (manual)
wAde Offline f58281e0 (manual)
wascht Offline 39aeef37 (manual)
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#always the next lan
Name: Status GUID
blavex Offline 9913f191 (manual)
crstN Offline 8b24d4b (manual)
crzbot Offline 49ff5444 (manual)
danka Offline ecb2c791 (manual)
disel278 Offline 6eeba06 (manual)
Marii Offline 2069e153 (manual)
pawadox Offline 793ecc6e (manual)
tikiri2pac_V.Davi... Offline 018cee22 (manual)


#always the next lan

Best of 1



Map #1 - mp_toujane
2-1 win to #always the next lan

Only one team has submitted the scores
#always the next lan submitted:
mp_toujane2-1 win to #always the next lan
Submitted by crstN - 10:58pm 10/2/19

Unsophisticated Hooligans vs #always the next lan

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Sunday 8:57pm February 10th 2019 .