MATCH ID: 857122

spaghetti 5/5

0 - 2

turbo x[Retired]

spaghetti 5/5

turbo x[Retired]








Ladder Match



Match time

December 10th, 8:29pm

Match Details

Match ID:857122
Status: Completed
Time: December 10th, 8:29pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Winner: turbo x[Retired]
Played: 191 days, 18 hours, 13 min ago
turbo x[Retired] won the match 2-0
turbo x[Retired] gained 17 ELO
spaghetti 5/5 lost 17 ELO
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spaghetti 5/5
Name: Status GUID
BoBLeeSwagger Offline 7eae85d8 (manual)
cruyser976 Offline a4577231 (manual)
Envy Offline 330ab0ea (manual)
gamesis Offline 5b0cf1a2 (manual)
mobzjeee Offline 9783bded (manual)
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turbo x[Retired]
Name: Status GUID
anakzAKAR Offline 902d104d (manual)
Bl4diii Online 22h 9m ago 6143f05e (manual)
Blackchaos.' Offline 26c1926b (manual)
bmblbe Offline 8dc45ca0 (manual)
chaz` Offline 9ce29f4a
chrisyh Offline 8d5f618d (manual)
danneiz Offline a4928951
dem0nick Offline fed50514 (manual)
devzr Offline e483d6f5 (manual)
dOOWAYST Offline 495ce698 (manual)
Dutchboy Online 17h 28m ago d6dd1c9e (manual)
fURBYx Offline afa79abd
1311569e (manual)
Hatton Offline 46f68176 (manual)
iStamp Offline -
KLAKSZ Online 18h 35m ago
CGAC - 18h 35m ago
koen- Offline 20f01fa2
4737cfcd (manual)
krayen` Online 19h 18m ago
CGAC - 18h 35m ago
3cff26dc (manual)
kspr Offline -
M R Z Offline ccac178 (manual)
maSka Offline 596b24d7 (manual)
miLkkk Offline 2103bc8c (manual)
mozart Offline 490262fa (manual)
NightfurY! Online 16h 28m ago d213d8a4 (manual)
Nug Offline cd88f850 (manual)
pawadox Offline 793ecc6e (manual)
raptr93 Offline -
ravezoR Offline 243b0db3 (manual)
Richard_ Offline -
scrzzz Offline b261c3c9 (manual)
sER Offline 8ef2a4b1
Smashval Offline b94f6bd5 (manual)
So_LiT~ Online 19h 18m ago -
super Offline 6919708f (manual)
TheRey Offline f5fa803b (manual)
tikiri2pac_V.Davi... Offline 018cee22 (manual)
vansie Offline d6808f27 (manual)
wAde Offline f58281e0 (manual)
wascht Offline 39aeef37 (manual)


turbo x[Retired]

Best of 2



Map #1 - mp_toujane
1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]

Map #2 - mp_burgundy
1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]

Only one team has submitted the scores
turbo x[Retired] submitted:
mp_toujane1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]
Submitted that turbo x[Retired] did not attend the match.
mp_burgundy1-0 win to turbo x[Retired]
Submitted that turbo x[Retired] did not attend the match.
Submitted by super - 10:56pm 10/12/18

spaghetti 5/5 vs turbo x[Retired]

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Monday 8:29pm December 10th 2018 .