MATCH ID: 856736



Destination Gaming


Destination Gaming








Ladder Match


Scores not entered

Match time

December 1st, 9:18pm

Match Details

Match ID:856736
Status: Scores not entered
Time: December 1st, 9:18pm
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Platform: PC
Division: Open
Played: 199 days, 20 hours, 58 min ago
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Name: Status GUID
Adidas Offline f7472d3c (manual)
Akaz Offline 58da3db8 (manual)
Blinde Offline 9a9bde27 (manual)
bubysvk Offline 29ac87f4 (manual)
CHLEBAA Offline 48258615 (manual)
cMANN Offline a16b4541 (manual)
CURWE Offline d72685b5 (manual)
dede. Offline ee80b1aa
ENSI Offline -
FELINY Offline a09e1f5b (manual)
Fiik Offline 32bd173d (manual)
Foxiino Offline 190a960f (manual)
GLOBALmix.Hack Offline 5740f327
052fbe (manual)
gotys Offline a941aa27 (manual)
HITMEN Offline 7bd9b87b (manual)
hollister Offline 98311c11 (manual)
jadeamber Offline 101101 (manual)
jedaii Offline -
jihde Offline 65a8b4e7
K0me Offline 80164a50 (manual)
koudy92 Offline 9e7feefd (manual)
krajtaa Offline 09d99888 (manual)
lakatosh Offline 0c6c453a (manual)
Martinek_ Offline -
matyzje Offline 1d4a66f6 (manual)
neqvo Offline 32f216c3 (manual)
nojxiik Offline 904c5f33
P.698 Offline c66e04d7 (manual)
Peacee:3 Offline 3775edf2 (manual)
Pelikan- Offline c93a8ebd (manual)
picusek Offline f26c9a46 (manual)
RNBW Offline 7646f5da (manual)
Ross89 Offline e0aafad7 (manual)
Sawyeer Online 20h 14m ago
CGAC - 9:37pm 17/6/19
slezskyfc Offline 615067f3 (manual)
Stajny4 Offline 66000b6d
713509 (manual)
TheRey Offline f5fa803b (manual)
thomaZek Offline a97a2259 (manual)
van Damme Offline 04f1d310 (manual)
Whitemann Offline 7fe822aa (manual)
wors Offline 02b30e43 (manual)
yxmstroj Offline ed4eed44 (manual)
Z3lv4 Offline ff567433 (manual)
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Destination Gaming
Name: Status GUID
CAP emotiion Offline -
ddEEww Offline -
dontcry Offline -
freddie123 Offline e2cf0084
h4rdii Offline -
matejkoo Offline -
remes Online 5h 55m ago f890140c (manual)
syed Online 10h 47m ago -
zhaiks Offline 366d410c
zunne Offline 05e147d3 (manual)


Map #1 - mp_dawnville

Map #2 - mp_matmata

Only one team has submitted the scores
BLACKLISTED submitted:
1-0 win to BLACKLISTED
Submitted that Destination Gaming did not attend the match.
Submitted by nojxiik - 8:11pm 1/12/18
BLACKLISTED submitted:
mp_dawnville1-0 win to BLACKLISTED
mp_matmata1-0 win to BLACKLISTED
Submitted by Akaz - 1:45pm 6/5/19

BLACKLISTED vs Destination Gaming

A EU COD2 Main Ladder: Open match scheduled for Saturday 9:18pm December 1st 2018 .