Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 Rules

Call of Duty 4 Rules

Updated on 12.05.2019 by GoTTi

It's 2019 - Try and enjoy the game, be fair to each other, respect each other. Nobody wants any more drama, we just want to enjoy the game we love.
For any further questions please join the CoD4 PUG discord, you can also find me on there.

These rules are set to explain the basic conduct teams are expected to adhere to and also the action that will be taken by the admins if evidence comes to light of these rules being breached by a player or team. All team leaders are expected to ensure that their players adhere to these rules. If a player breaks any of the rules, action will be taken against both the player and the team leader.

Team Requirements
- Teams must have at least 5 players on their roster to play in the CyberGamer Ladder.
- The maximum amount of players per team is 25 players.
- Every player must enter their COD4 GUID to their CyberGamer profile. Here explains how you can go about doing this.
- All COD4 GUIDs must be clean on PBBans and GGC. If a player plays a match with a banned GUID their team will lose the match by forfeit.
- Players that have been banned by CyberGamer are NOT allowed to participate in any competition on CyberGamer. Any teams found to be fielding banned players will have all matches defaulted where the player in question appears on the roster.

CyberGamer Anti-Cheat
CyberGamer Anti-Cheat (CGAC) is decommisioned and therefore not used anymore.

Server Settings
- For all CyberGamer ladder and league matches, PromodLive v2.19 or above must be used. The specific mode is promod_mode match_mr12_knife. You may download the latest version of Promod here:
- All servers must run the community made 1.8 patch - you can find all information regarding 1.8 here
- PunkBuster must be enabled on all match servers at all times during the match.
- If you don't have your own server, please create a pb enabled, 1.8, promod 2.20 original (key required) server here (account required)

Match Rules
- Teams must play using a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5. If at any point a team drops below this minimum number of players, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win after 5 minutes has passed in the next earliest ready-up period (note: this excludes team timeout periods). If you continue to play the match then you CANNOT dispute for this after the game.
- A team may substitute a player at any time during the match as long as the player is listed on the team's roster. If the player is not on the roster, the team must obtain permission from the opposing team.
- If all players ready up, this indicates that they accept the server settings, they accept all of the opposing players and CANNOT dispute for players missing from a roster or having an incorrect or missing PB GUID. It is down to each team to check the opposing teams roster before the match begins and players PB GUIDs using the in game command /pb_plist.
- Server admins may not kick any player from the server without the permission of at least one player from the opposing team.
- Each team is allowed one timeout per side (Attack / Defence). Teams may therefore use a maximum of 4 timeouts.
- Once a match has been closed/completed, it cannot be reopened. You must ensure that you either enter the correct result or dispute the match before it is auto accepted.

Time Allowance
- Should a team not ready up within 5 minutes during a side switch or within 10 minutes during a map change, the opposing team may leave immediately and claim a forfeit win.
- Teams have 5 minutes after each knife round has finished to ready up, otherwise the opposing team may leave immediately and claim a forfeit win.
- If you continue to play the match following a breach of either of these rules then you CANNOT dispute after the game.

No Shows and Ready-Up
Once a match is accepted, it must be played. If a team fails to show or ready up within 15 minutes of the match accept time listed on the match page or cannot play, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win. Screenshots as proof must be provided, clearly showing the time.

For example: Accepted By: John at 1:30pm 3/6/13 - if the opponents are not on the server by 1:45pm you may claim a forfeit win. Note teams must have a minimum of 4 players on and be readied up.

If teams agree to play the match at a later date and schedule in advance, please write so in the match comments.

The following maps may be played within the CyberGamer ladders and leagues:
- mp_backlot
- mp_crash
- mp_crossfire
- mp_citystreets (district)
- mp_strike

After banning a map each the LP system will randomly choose 3 unique maps from the list above. Maps must then be played in the order as they are listed on the match page.

A knife round should be played before each map where the winner is then to choose which side they start on. Failure to play two of the three maps assigned to your match will result in the following:

- A warning, 1 day match ban, or 3 day match ban depending on previous offence history for all players
- Match cancellation

Server Crashes
If the server crashes during the game, you are to continue from the previous round played. If the match is 3 rounds or less in, then the map is to be restarted.

Illegal Scripts & Binds
Scripts & config tweaking that affects game play including but not limited to nade scripts, wait commands, macros and so forth, including configs that change commands/rates are disallowed. These commands range from set nade binds to gain the longest throw to scripting a superior firing rate of semi-automatic weapons. This also includes multi-command binds such as bind KEY "toggleads; +attack" on the scroll wheel. Players caught using illegal scripts and binds including nade scripts and weapon next binds will receive an instant 7 day ban and the match will be forfeited. Further offences may result in a longer ban.

VSTR commands may remain in your config only if they are not bound to any key. Binded VSTR commands are illegal and may result in a forfeit loss. EXEC binds may be used.

This also includes binds to turn on certain things by using a bug exploit. Depending on the bind, the player can receive a ban for bugabuse (3 months) or cheating.

Illegal Files
ALL matches are to be played with the generic Call of Duty 4 files and the Promod files. Players found with any tweaked files, or non-generic files (e.g. skins, audio, etc.) will receive appropriate bans which will be determined by CyberGamer.

Third Party Programmes
Using any third party software (e.g. nVidia Control Panel or RivaTuner) to tweak graphics settings to give an advantage are NOT allowed. The most common example of this is ambient occlusion.

Bugs and Glitches
- It is NOT permitted for any user to take advantage of map bugs (for example elevators, outside the boundaries of the map, under the map and so forth) or glitches during a CyberGamer match.
- Glitching is defined as moving or seeing through or over a physical object and is NOT permitted.
- Grenade jumps and anything similar are NOT permitted.
- The use of silent drops is permitted but only in the case of known silent drops.
- Players are only allowed to bounce to places which can be reached without the use of a bounce. Bouncing to roofs and balconies which are unreachable in a normal way is prohibited.
- Straight forward jumps and those that do not involve any part of the in-game character moving through a physical object, are allowed.
- Boosting is only allowed to boost players to spots where a player can get to by themselves.
- Boosting by shooting own players is not allowed. For every round this occurs, the round will be defaulted to the opposing team. If this occurs more than 3 times during the match it will be defaulted to the opposing team.
- Players who are caught using bugs or glitches immediately forfeit the round. If this occurs on more than 2 occasions then the match will be forfeited. If a player is caught persistently using bugs or glitches after being warned will receive an instant 1 week ban.

Any player caught cheating by demo will be banned from CyberGamer. We will determine the ban length as seen fit. Bans of this nature are usually given a length of 12 months.

Any allegation of cheating is to be supported with a dispute (according to the rules set out below), demo and timestamps.

This also includes the use of fullbright, a first offence will get you a 3 month ban.

Abuse and Racism
A warning or ban will be given to any player found to be abusing another team/player. Racism is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant match ban.

- 1st offence: 1 day
- 2nd offence: 1 week ban
- 3rd offence any beyond: 2 weeks ban

Abuse against an admin in-game, dispute chat or private message will not be tolerated and may result in an instant ban.

Disputes, Demos and Screenshots
Teams who wish to dispute a match for a breach of any of the above rules may do so by ticking the box underneath the scores on the match page.
- All matches played need to be recorded and demos should be kept until 48 hours after the date listed on the match details. Should a dispute be opened, demos should be kept until 48 hours after the dispute is solved. Failing to follow these rules will lead to a direct forfeit loss for the team.

- Opponents have the right to request three (3) demos from their opponents if they suspect foul play. If a demo is missing more than 3 rounds then a default win will be awarded to the opposing team. For each round that is missing, the round will be forfeited.
- Teams/players must request a demo by writing the CyberGamer nickname of the required player(s) in the dispute chat, not in-game. If a player has a different nickname in-game, you may request that the player uses their CyberGamer nickname or alternatively you may correspond their in-game GUID to their CyberGamer GUID by using /pb_power or /pb_plist.

Failure to comply with demo requests will result in the following:
- 1st offence: match forfeit and a warning issued
- 2nd offence: 1 week ban
- 3rd offence: 2 week ban
- 4th offence & future offences: 1 month ban

The following rules apply to disputes:

- Players have 48 hours to upload their demo from the request date. Failure to upload the demo within the time will result in the match being forfeited. All demos must be uploaded to the CyberGamer website or a major sharing site such as Mediafire or Sendspace.
- Once the requested demo(s) have been uploaded, teams/players will have a further 24 hours to provide timestamps.
- If teams enter differing results, the disputing team must upload screenshots of both maps in order to confirm the result. If no screenshots are uploaded within 48 hours of the dispute, the dispute will be closed.
- Teams entering a major european LAN event may withold demo's from other teams competitng at the same event until after the event.

- 1. A short report listing the demos you wish to review
- 2. Screenshots of the results of both maps
- 3. List of players that played from each team (/pb_plist)
- 4. Timestamps that have minimal information such as "WH, aimbot" and so forth will be dismissed. Timestamps must have a full explanation with good reasoning as well as the round and time the event occurred. You must provide at least 5 timestamps - any less and your dispute will be dismissed.

Timestamps must be in the following format:
2-2 @ 1:30 - traces through the wall for 3 seconds
2-3 @ 0:43 - possible aim assist - his aim isn't on the player but still lands the kill

If any of the above are missing from a dispute, it will be disregarded and the score shall remain. The admins decision is FINAL.

Cancelling Fixtures
You may cancel a match at any time before the match has been completed on the basis both teams agree. In order to request a match cancel, both teams should confirm within the match comments and seek an admin for further support.

Shoutcasting and Spectating
- Any other person seeking to spectate a match must obtain permission from the opposing team.
- Admins reserve the right to spectate matches at random. Failure to allow an admin to spectate a match may result in the match being cancelled. You can identify admins by cross-referencing COD4 GUIDs from the admin list.
- Impersonating either an admin or another player is an offense. Any evidence of this can lead to a ban which will be determined by LP.

LP reserves the right to modify this ruleset at any time without notice.