Team for upcoming cups

Team for upcoming cups

Team for upcoming cups

Thread started by LuNiiii on Wednesday, 2:41pm November 25th. Views: 368


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2:41pm Nov 25th 20

Hey Guys!

I have a new PC arriving shortly and would like to see if there are any old school cod2 players wanting to team up for the upcoming events / Lans after lockdown! I have mainly scoped in cod2, team does not need to be hugely active, but a couple of nights a week from 9pm onwards! Reach out if you want to team up


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3:43am Dec 1st 20

Hello LuNiii,

I remember you from back in the days, I've played against you a few times.
If you are really looking for a team to play with / create it's best to play some mixes with some player or try contacting them personally as most player who play in cups already have a team / certain amount of players they played with. Here you have the discordlink from letsplaylive (cybergamer) so you can contact some players privately: