Powerhouse CoD2 Christmas Cup...

Powerhouse CoD2 Christmas Cup (12th-13th December)

Powerhouse CoD2 Christmas Cup (12th-13th December)

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Hey guys, We’re looking to host one final CoD2 event to close out 2020.

This will be a weekend event, as opposed to the longer running seasonal events. There’ll be plenty of CoD2 action, so we hope that you’ll join us for a fun-fueled weekend. If your team is interested, let us know in the comments below!

Powerhouse CoD2 Christmas Cup (12th-13th December)

Entry Fee: €25 per team

Date: 12th December - 13th December

Tournament Format: The exact tournament format will be known once we have confirmed the number of teams for the tournament. But we can confirm one thing for sure: we will be using large groups (groups of 8 with 16 teams) so that every team will have plenty of matches to play, even if they fail to qualify for the play-offs. The group-stage will be Bo1, playoffs will be double elimination with a Bo3 upper bracket and a Bo1 lower bracket.

Preliminary Schedule (16 teams): https://i.imgur.com/FPO6Aep

The preliminary schedule above will give you a rough idea on how the weekend will go, there will be lots of games for all participants and there will be scheduled breaks also.

Team Size: 5-8 players

Map Pool: Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane.

Anti-cheat: CGAC, Teamviewer + Periscope. Cybergamer anti-cheat will be mandatory for all matches in this tournament. Periscope and team-viewer will be used in special cases where the admin team feel that it is necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.

Powerhouse CoD2 Discord: Join our CoD2 discord to keep up to date with tournament announcements: https://discord.com/invite/m7tskCz

Stream: Details to be confirmed.

Tournament Applications + Payments (3 steps):

(1) Payment: Send the full payment of 25 euros to “[email protected]”, please write your team-name and lineup in the payment description. Make sure you cover any Paypal transaction fees, only full payments will be accepted. If you’d like to pay via Bank transfer then send vioqor or Hatton a pm on Discord.

(2) Toornament application: Register your team on the Toornament page here, you will need to add player nicknames, player LPL profiles and their CoD2 GUID. If there are two CoD2 GUIDs on your LPL Account, please make sure you add the correct one.


(3) LPL Team - Create a team on the LPL 5v5 CoD2 Ladder and add your players to this roster. Players MUST be on the Toornament team roster to be eligible to play.

Paid Teams (16/16):

ephix (santan, vioqor, danne, iconz, serenity)
ONLINEGAMERS (kokz, Vity, Dudlajs, Rysker, dymatize)
GHD (CiiBaa, 1950, bmblbe, dybala, ravezor)
etronica (h1z, z1ngy, phased, gu4, zhoma)
Team iNFINITE (d3do, rpz, t0x, fuckic, hEFEST, ludyo)
ARMIA (kemah, phail, kazar, lacky, mavor)
teampje (jenz, dayz, henkie, masax, kikzorj)
NEWERA (nodyx, k1rba, mozart, benq, ENIt)
MARTIANS (Sk1lzZ, Sp1RiT, G4box, blavex, danez)
HAND (devzr, davey, furby, anakzakar, dutchboy)
kourwa (tomY, frn, Alexx, cheers, +1)
FEARLESS (lazyyy, johansen, snkr, sER, superkiller)
MYSTERY (intrax, salmosa, rtms, zipp, F1CHO)
MiCRO (Dubich, m4uz, strumfich, losa, +1)
b2d (L3GUAN3K, efuck, wors, stamm, Blinde)
ANARCHY (smokeblunt, lamzoRRR ,pinkypanterica, +2)

Reserve team list:

1 - GENTLEMENS (FNXZZ, dudek, P!ks3l, raider, spikewho, henry, jankes, ADD1CT)



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ban ban pick pick ?


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Pick me up for this pls...


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LFT https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198964927954/

kA5ap (:

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teampje interested

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GOTOWNED paid! (pussY, dutchboy, +3 TBA)


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Another team paid!

ONLINEGAMERS (kokz, Vity, Dudlajs, Rysker, dymatize)


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Another team paid!

KiNGz (CiiBaa, NALUUMp, 1950, bmblbe, dkqyyy)


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pm me


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