Call of Duty 2 - MMXX

Call of Duty 2 - MMXX

Call of Duty 2 - MMXX

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11:53am Jul 1st 20

Hello everyone. You are probably tired of watching films with long moments and boring music, to be honest, I’m tired of this, and therefore I decided to make you an “energetic” film with cool music and unreal moments from the best players Call of Duty 2.

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1. Pronobozo – 100ft High
2. State Of Mind - City on Fire (feat. PNC)
3. Asian Dub Foundation – Fortress Europe
4. Stanton Warriors – Dip & Get Low (feat. Rodney P) (Deekline & Wizard Remix)


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10:42am Jul 2nd 20

gj rusky! I like the transitions between the actions.


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5:46pm Jul 2nd 20

I really liked the energy, well done! Hoping for more views