zpam 3.1 beta

zpam 3.1 beta

zpam 3.1 beta

Thread started by dnq on Monday, 7:52am April 27th. Views: 592


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7:52am Apr 27th 20

hi i have a problem with instaling new zpam version on my server... i tried it the way i did it before with zpam 2.07. pasting it with filezila in main folder with ftp on my server but now i have error.... after that i reinstall all my server settings and did it like it say on the page of new zpam... i create new map there i paste iwd file and in pb folder i paste what i need to paste, but still there is no my new zpam on server after restart...

how to fix that how to install new zpam?


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7:35am May 1st 20

Could you please contact us at discord? Channel is posted in previous thread