zPAM v3.00 (test version)

zPAM v3.00 (test version)

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9:37pm Jan 27th 17

why are we not funding this? http://cg.kratas.net/ If all these things work fine then what's the problem in making pam official and mandatory?


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9:56pm Jan 31st 17

so...the F12 defuse bug is still not fixed?


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2:36pm Jun 19th 17

Any news? Is it still under development?


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3:09pm Jun 19th 17

Volvo pls fix BAR


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7:30pm Jun 19th 17

I have proposal for improvement. Let's make two server side dvars for team names and everytime they are set or changed, propagate those names to the corresponding g_teamname_SIDE client-side cvars. Also they should be set only in ready-up time and make CGAC to somehow set those server-side dvars automtically according to match ID. If they will be set to incorrect sides (eg. Team1 is allies, but its name is set to axis), make just simple openscriptmenu command to switch them. Those names could also be in the scoreboard after every round (on the right side) and in spectator they could be positioned for streaming purposes (maybe the scores could be remade to look little bit like CS:GO's ones.

I don't know what status has zPAM now, but I could lend a hand on this. Only thing I'm not sure how to make is CGAC setting team names from match ID automatically, since rcon is required for this.


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12:31am Dec 8th 17

Any chance that zpam 3.00 will be released official?

kuusi palaa

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12:14am Dec 9th 17

Any chance that zpam 3.00 will be released official?

Quote from ServuS on the 8th of December 2017

anything new in it?


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7:11pm Jan 11th 18

Any chance that zpam 3.00 will be released official?

Quote from kuusi palaa on the 9th of December 2017

anything new in it?

Quote from ServuS on the 8th of December 2017
Battalion 1944 is coming in February.

I'm not sure anyone is focusing on a new pam for Call of Duty 2, would be great tho!!!


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7:56pm Jan 11th 18

anyone has a working link of zpam300 to run it on a server? http://cg.kratas.net/ is gone offline


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10:25am Mar 5th 19

still need iwd file?


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4:40am May 1st 20 - in reply to kebit's post

Some bugs what I experencied.

You are still able to shoot through the sandboxes (via little crack on the sandbox wall) on A roof, from A strairs.

Quote from kebit on the 20th of July 2016
As we might agree on most things, I heavily disagree with this one.

When you have planted the bomb on A site as allies and you are 1v1 and decide to go A roof, there is almost no chance for the axis player to win the round. The crack in the sandbags has been there always with one purpose, you need to watch where you are going to prone, when you make a mistake, axis can take advantage of that by shooting your through the little crack. This also applies to sandbags on sandbagroof, there is not option to get killed from A roof if you prone, unless you prone behind the little crack. I think it's something that should stay in the game in order to keep the balance.

Also what I do notice is that you can't do double switching to pistol anymore on some maps. For most players that's something to use when they are midround. So you switch from pistol back to gun, but meanwhile you switch back again so the pistolanimation comes back again. Endresult is that you stay on pistol. This is like keeping yourself busy midround and is the same as for example players in CSGO looking at their knife. I noticed that I couldn't do this as easy anymore on some maps. I hope you understand what I mean. If you don't understand what I mean, I will make a video of it