Night Cup CTF! 3rd od May 2020...

Night Cup CTF! 3rd od May 2020 @ 18:00 h

Night Cup CTF! 3rd od May 2020 @ 18:00 h

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7:53pm Apr 30th 20

Yo boys and girls
This Sunday we will host another NC; but this time with another twist. This Sunday we will play Capture the Flag.

Rules are the same as in HQ Cup from last Sunday:

Entire CUP is BO1
To decide who picks the map there will be a BO3 pistol bash.

  1. mp_breakout
  2. mp_brecourt
  3. mp_burgundy
  4. mp_carentan
  5. mp_dawnville
  6. mp_decoy
  7. mp_downtown
  8. mp_farmhouse
  9. mp_harbor
  10. mp_leningrad
  11. mp_matmata
  12. mp_railyard
  13. mp_rhine
  14. mp_toujane
  15. mp_trainstation

CGAC and demo recording is mandatory.

Join or #cg.cod2 a few minutes before the cup starts.

cod2 crew