Mayor cod2 stuttering and fps...

Mayor cod2 stuttering and fps drop

Mayor cod2 stuttering and fps drop

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7:15pm Apr 18th 20 and edited 7:43pm Apr 18th 20

Title edit: Major cod2 stuttering and fps drop

I've been dealing with this issue for a while now, I noticed strange fps drops few months back when my ingame cod2 resolution wouldn't match my desktop resolution.
Now if I don't match both resolutions, in game and on desktop with slight mouse movement fps drops from 250 to 150. Pressing keys doesn't affect my fps in this case.

My pc specs, running windows 10 64bit

-AMD FX 6100 3.30GHz 6 core
-8gb ram 1866mhz
-Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Gddr5
-1TB hdd

-Razer Mamba Elite running 1000hz polling rate
-Razer Blackwidow TE 2014

I noticed that mouse itself is causing me problems, not just in cod2 but in other games too. Apex for example.

I am having microstuttering every 30-35 seconds where my fps will drop from 250 to exactly 147 for a split second and my game stutters. take a close look it happens really for a split second, but when moving/aiming/shooting it creates a big problem and because it's constant throughout the match makes it even worse)

On carentan on A plant when looking towards mid house fps drops to 180.
While proning in A shop on toujane fps drops to 180. And with each mouse movement or keyboard click while proning it drops it further down...many random spots on different maps, etc

I've tried:
-replacing cfg
-reinstalling cod2
-reseting nvidia settings
-set nvidia settings to lowest possible
-lowering resolution to 640x480, it still happens
-disabling xbox option in windows
-superfetch disabled
-windows search disabled
-every core is in use
-high priority doesn't change anything
-killing every unnecessary background application
-lowering polling rate on my mouse
-switching between usb ports

Temperatures are fine, nothing is overheating (idle
Ingame they vary between 40 and 50 celsius so overheating is out of equation.

It has to do something with mouse and keyboard I suppose.

Please if anyone has any clue what's going on, I'd be really grateful


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11:55pm Apr 18th 20

Have you tried completely uninstalling any razer software and playing without it?


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1:04am Apr 19th 20 - in reply to t0x's post

I have.
Uninstalled mouse drivers, uninstalled synapse completely, installed it again.

Same issue with or without it


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11:51am Apr 19th 20

I’d try to reinstall windows


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3:24pm Apr 23rd 20

Just try to change the polling rate to 125 and try it i have the same problem with Razer Viper with 1000hz in evry game the fps are droping.


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4:03pm Apr 23rd 20

There's no difference between 1000/500/125 in this case, same thing.........


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12:31am Apr 24th 20 - in reply to Monkkkkkkk's post

Reinstalled windows, fps is stabilized but that microstutter still occurs