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3:14pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to AjxeRa's post

první clip není níc obv. ten týpek hraje se senskou jak kráva, když flickuješ s takovou senskou tak hitmark není vždycky na míst? viz https://www.twitch.tv/switchbackojz/clip/CulturedAttractiveYakANELE?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time

druhej clip borec missuje easy shoty na nehejbajíci target a pak ve výskoku borcovi dá jedni?ku, moc nechápu kde je problém? navíc aim m?l více mén? na n?m v moment? nozoom a to ješt? neberu v potaz jak je nozoom inaccurate ve skoku

t?etí clip je asi nejvíc divnej ale imo borec prost? fastzoomuje a logicky nemá zadrženej dech takže se tohle stát m?že

navíc co jsem v?era koukal chvíli na ten jeho live stream tak borec je na tom mechanicky dost top + jde vid?t, že u toho p?emýšlí ... tak jestli by pot?eboval haxovat tak by to byl p?kn?j ?urák


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3:32pm Apr 10th 20

Rozdíl mezi neixzovou senskou a switchovou je kurva rozdíl. Neixz nedal zas tak rychlej flick, aby se mu hitmarker ukázal až ve st?edu budovy (n?jakej ten metr od hrá?e) - tvoje tvrzení m?že být pravdivé, ale já mu nev??ím.

Druhej klip sice missuje easy shoty, ale ta hra není tak zabugovaná, aby se hitmarker ukázal skoro ob 2 postavy, aniž by to byl n?jakej flick s vysokou senskou - op?t nev??ím.

K poslednímu klipu asi nemám moc co ?íct.. regulérn? trefil ze? a hitnul ho - nejvíc obv clip ze všech..

Kdyby se mu takový haldy povedly ob?asn?, ne?eknu nic, ale za poslední týden tyhle nesmysly dává na denním po?ádku a za m? prost? ?istej není a up?ímn? jsem rád, že se mnou souhlasí v?tšina lidí - i ti zkušen?jší, než jsem já.

Každopádn? jsem zv?davej, jak to admini a democrew obhájí.


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4:23pm Apr 10th 20

How about you all start talking in English actually? I am pretty sure that anyone who is reading this topic wants to know what it is about and speaking in Dutch/Czech doesn't help. If there's something 'private' you want to talk to about to certain person, why not just message him, take a guess, privately? As far as i know, this is an official cup thread and because of that, one would think it should be talked in international language that everyone understands... or are there still people who can't read/write proper English? I mean, come on, even ephezy can speak English now :)

Jokes aside, please write in English if you have something to say. It helps for everyone who actually wants to know what's going on, thanks.


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5:07pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to tomY's post

yeah mb, it was just fast massage for him because we are czech and I used to play with ajxik few times, however

the first clip https://clips.twitch.tv/TacitSillyDogeTwitchRPG i dont think its that obvious, he obviously has big sens and when you are playing with such a mouse sens. and you are flicking a lot, then the hitmark isnt on the spot sometimes -> https://www.twitch.tv/switchbackojz/clip/CulturedAttractiveYakANELE?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time you can play it on 0.25 speed and see

https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyBoldWormKappaWealth?fbclid=IwAR00pBEl8Ke0vVFaaZ3gfN38i_lC1qq1po6wu6-66WsiGdcaCaj-Da7U1Aw there is like nothing special, he is just missing easy shots on target which isnt moving, then he kills guy mid air with nozoom, so what? he is even near on him with his aim, nothing special

https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxySweetRuffPeoplesChamp?fbclid=IwAR1FkqEYbZ9xUdifOMBtfSfrlxiJD-MbX2GRVFWaZcQCSgCb32YDbHtfEHw the third clip is kinda fishy but again he is fast zooming and obviously he isnt event holding breath, so still nothing out of this world

when i saw his stream yesterday you could clearly see he is clearly good mechanical skill + you could see he is using his brain while he is playing

im not saying he isnt cheating but from these clips I saw I dont think he is cheating


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5:32pm Apr 10th 20


As I can see you are pretty well educated how the cod2 and how the server-client stuffs works, also how the hit registration and hitbox, so I ask you with all of my respect, I took this shot from one of his official CG match. I slowed it down with 0.0001 timescale, also I slowed it down as much as possible with VLC Media Player, and this is the very - very - first frame where his hitmarker shows the actual hit and his killfeed shows he shot down youngestka above (or behind) Spawntank under Spawnroof.

I am fully aware that there could be a netcode issue, or lag, or simple "delay" but - no people on earth - have an explanation to this shot. I stated out that I am fully aware he is using something. I don't know what, but something. Could be aimlock, silentaim, simple well configured aimbot, trigger, itsushika, crohax, and other stuffs.

I am saying this as a System Administrator / Engineer that you are able to configure these cheats to "0.0000" decimals, so you don't even have to aim exactly to the target, the program behind you going to assist enough, and help you to hit those shots regardless of ping, or lag, or your current mechanical skill. We are talking about decimals. Decimals. Can you imagine that number or cordinates in a game?

Just to mention, yesterday I saw how he played vs infinity, and I was not surprised that his crosshair (or hand?) shaked like never before. We do have sometimes good days, sometimes bad days, I do have to, but there is no possible way that you can keep this performance up to weeks, then suddenly on a p2p cup or after the community pressure you loose all of your skill, and your mechanical and aiming suddenly drops at least 4 level.


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5:47pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kebit's post

Thanks for non hating reply. I must admi I didnt saw that clip from toujane, yeah you are right its really weird. Seems you knows lot about this topic.

However I wonder if im able to find the demo from this clip https://www.twitch.tv/switchbackojz/clip/CulturedAttractiveYakANELE?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time if the hitmark will not be off too.

Then it will mean im using aim assist too I guess


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5:59pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to ATHANASIOU's post

I don't hate anyone, I am just telling what is my opinion, and I am giving proofs, but nobody replied, or managed to answer my questions, even the organisers and admins, nor the accused player. I don't hate him, he is a player, he wanna get better, okey, but not like this.

That clip shows you hit the guy, exactly on his body, and your killfeed and hitmarker is somehow behind, cause of the very fast flick, and there is no problem, but you cannot do something like the game killfeed and hitmarker appears way BEFORE the actual shot would happen. This is my problem. You cannot be a time-traveler in a game, nor in real life.


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6:21pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kebit's post

@kebit if you did the same with other flickshot hits/kills I assume you would find more of these from any player? https://clips.twitch.tv/SmallCrispyPastaDancingBanana here, atleast on normal speed, all shots (2nd kill not visible) are on point? Clip where he hits guy going a roof in toujane is fishy, atleast on twitch.

Yesterday he played p2p cupmatch with periscope and twitch on, also teamviewer stuff or whatever Hatton did before match. Dropped 18 and 20 plus something (18 rounds played per map). I know that doesnt proove much, but maybe its something. After that we played vs infinity. And what comes to his aim, its always shaky or as we made a joke about his "autistic aim".

I wanna ask couple things from anyone.
1. Would he lie to his in real life friends?
2. If he uses hack, why would he wanna be so obvious and not stay in the background for abit?
3. He has done everything anyone asked, like yesterday in p2p, stream etc etc..
4. He is very dedicated in everything he does so could he just be a really good player..?

Ofc I'm a bit defensive coz we started to play with him before all this and now being 10 feet deep in, need to think all point of views.

To be continued..


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6:38pm Apr 10th 20

after he became active - he was doing 40 kills in 5 matches in a row - yes for sure u can do it everymatch vs different ppl
mavor was camping at a short corner 5vs5 round 1:40 and he threw a nade to a short ( from a plant side ) to corner and his comment was " lol i had a feeling haha "


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6:38pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kspr's post

meant the other 3


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7:00pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kebit's post


Of course, I did not stated out I would not find, myself streams a lot, also spirit, anfeli, and other well know players from our scene, we make strange shots, but not on a daily basis like him. You, right now talking about a twitch clip, I do have and had his demo, and I re-watched it at least 4 time, or maybe more with a reduced timescale, and this is how I made the below post, with pictures, also if you search back a little, I did another analysation about that exact clip, where I said that player is not visible. Okey, could be luck, lets say this, I don't really care anymore, but still, I am waiting to someone reply to my other posts and pictures with an understandable explanation.

For me, and for others it does not prove much, and you said right now for you neither, tho right now I have to grab this little word, and ride it. If you (one of his teammate) saying this, this not prove much, then what will? "It's maybe something?" Something for what? If I start to cheat, and play very fishy and do pretty amazing shots on this cup, after a while hatton going to ask me to install a teamviewer and periscope onto my pc tho check I am clean or no? Then based on your logic, we can say out, everybody on this cup can use cheat? Because this is exactly what are you trying to say. You are not 100% sure in him too. The way how you talk about him, and about these situations are.. not as straightforward as mine.
You can defend him, you have the right, also he have the right too, to be quite and lay low as is he doing right now, but if I would be accused with hacks, I would stand out myself, like he did when threated pussy and other peoples that they chill will be kicked up. Really? He have the balls to say this, and threaten players, but when we are (mostly me) accusing him that he is cheating, he instantly deletes his previous post, and lays low? This is not.. strange for you? To be honest if he comes to lan, I will be the first one who will ask him out to talk. Talk, and not to fight. But if he wants then ok, but you know, there is always a bigger dog on a chain.

Back to the topic, and back to your questions I will answer what I think.

- Yes he can lie. I work in a law university as a System Administrator so you can imagine I have access to everything. Everything. I saw things, others do see things too. You saw things too in real life, so I think I already answered this question.

- He is right now staying in the background pretty much, but why? I accused him that he is cheating. If someone would accuse me, I would stand out and defend myself, not one of my teammate would do this for me. If somebody slaps you, your girlfriend going to defend you? For me this feels stupid, but of course I do understand his, and your viewpoint as well, cause as I know you are the "Captain".

- He has done a lot of thing, and I don't wanna be disrespectful here with Hatton, or with anybody here, but come on.. in this forum, I think I do have some experience with computers and servers, and based on my previous comments a lot of people realized, that I am not just simply talking into the big nothing, I made screenshots, I went into details. Akos asked me, I would be happy if I could search his PC and I told him, I would be happy yes, but nothing gonna change, cause if you want, you CAN hide a hack. Needle in a haystack. Actually I do have an idea how I would be sure that he is hacking, or no, but I won't gonna tell until someone ask me to tell.

- We are dedicated too in a lot of stuff as you can see, and I think nobody said he would be a bad player. He is a good player on a level, but this is not fair that he wanna boost his level and skills with other softwares.

I am not attacking here, and I am trying to be pretty specific with everything and trying to avoid being very personal here, and I think I am still between the "middle" but you do have to understand our viewpoint and my viewpoint too. You asked some questions, now I do wanna ask some from you as well.

- Are you 100% sure, he is not cheating? I am asking this like.. would you put your own hand into fire for him? I only accept YES or NO answers.

- If he is "not" cheating on the cup, and playing much-much worse on a simple CG match (where he sometimes forget to record demo lol?) then how he can hit these unreal shots, and miss literally everything on the cupmatch meanwhile he is being viewed from distance with two different program?

- Will you going to debunk my previous posts, or that exactly one image above?


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7:01pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kebit's post

He used that program and teamviewer for p2p cup, and he had about 20 8 score both maps. After the cup we played vs infinity it was normal cg match without periscope - so he could cheat.

Still he did this on that "bad match"

and the 2nd shot that he missed. with his "silent aim" wouldnt that be a hit? ;)

EDIT: ill give you screens when someone from outlaws posts it in our group


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7:07pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to ENIt's post

He used that program and teamviewer for p2p cup, and he had about 20 8 score both maps. After the cup we played vs infinity it was normal cg match without periscope - so he could cheat.

Still he did this on that "bad match"

and the 2nd shot that he missed. with his "silent aim" wouldnt that be a hit? ;)

Quote from ENIt on the 10th of April 2020
You, talking about something what about I don't care, and nobody cares too, also because you replied, why don't you reply to those clips and pictures what I posted before? Do you have any evidence which could defend him 100%? Scroll up a bit too that picture, and answer it.


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7:11pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kebit's post

I dont care about your picture. I didnt look into it. You have some good facts there but no need for extra bullshit is what im trying to say. Why are you trying to lie about his p2p performance? he was topfragging both maps. Infinity match was not p2p match so he could cheat right? he didnt use teamviewer nor periscope so why take that match against him? thats a bad match, he didnt use any extra anticheat p2p solution.

got it?

And people are trying to use RIP cod2 lan against him becouse we lost vs diamond, like no team ever lost to worst team on lan. We had 1:0 lead and 12-11 lead on dw when he dropped 27 on first map and 25 on 2nd as i remember. So if anyone from diamond like benq is still talking shit, and if you have demos, why not post screens from tj and dw? Anyways lan screens and videos are coming today or tomorrow, just to clear some stuff he has been accused.


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7:13pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to ENIt's post

top fragging cup match vs 800 points cb ok that is one hell of a proof