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12:29am Apr 10th 20 and edited 1:40am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to Sp1RiT:D's post

And @Hattoh , @Vioqor what you think what you gonna do to stop him from cheating if his silent aim is built into his mouse driver or something? you fucking open task manager the only thing you will see is his driver , nothing more ....

Quote from Sp1RiT on the 10th of April 2020
If outlaw decides he can come LAN with them:

- Admin will need to start up his PC, start CGAC and CoD2 and he is not allowed to alt tab (which he is doing pretty frequently online)
- Admin will need to make sure there is no extra USB drives available for him during the game
- Somebody stands behind him during the entire game, untill they finish the deciding map
- Recording off course is mandatory for everybody
- I am even willing to put money into a mouse he uses, so I am sure he can't use that either

Now we have an admin coming in with teamviewer starting his PC and starting CGAC and COD2. Program could allready be running and might not even be visible in task manager. There are programs that's you can run in the background which hide processes. Believe me it's true, I once found a program like that on TOMORROWLAN 2015 while gathering all the demos. @super add me on steam (you can find that on my twitchprofile), so we can talk tomorrow


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12:45am Apr 10th 20

Nice to see the rulebook for your upcoming lan Rico, when are you gonna host it?

12:52am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to Foxbuster's post

you are living in a movie, go out of your room and stop typing this shit for once weird fuck


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1:02am Apr 10th 20

@pussyfothermuckers @vioqor If i make a next LAN, everything pussy said will have to be made before he play, and i think d3do will do it also,btw you think he will come on lan? Last lan he played he got out immidetly after groups, before 5 years, and now he's best player currently so this things explain a lot of things, only who wanna see it will see it.


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1:28am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY's post

U should stop liking his anus and wake up, honey..


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1:39am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to vioqor's post

Nice to see the rulebook for your upcoming lan Rico, when are you gonna host it?

Quote from vioqor on the 10th of April 2020
Nice banter admin You do your job please, so 32% of the players will be happy after this cup

ps je kan wel zo blijven doen, maar ben heel de dag al in een goede bui. ephix seed 1 was niks persoonlijks maar gewoon BM, zoals jullie dat ook vaak doen. Ik heb zelfs op tomorrowlan 2015 heen en weer lopen schreeuwen met snail dat nam ik ook niet persoonlijk. Pak je TOMTOM maar alvast (c) snail 2015 Het komt je alleen nu niet goed uit, omdat jullie toevallig een keer verloren hebben. Who cares? Wij verliezen ook 4x van BLOODTHIRSTERS op LAN, binds of niet, ik kan nog steeds lachen met die hongaren Het is gewoon jammer dat iemand zoals jij met zoveel ervaring in CoD2 één van de meest obvious cheaters niet kan spotten en dat in een PAID cup. Zoals ik al zei; als er ergens een democrew gestart zou moeten worden, zou ik als laatste aan jou denken. Ik ben een slechte CoD2 speler en jij bent een slechte demoreviewer


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1:44am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY's post

you are living in a movie, go out of your room and stop typing this shit for once weird fuck

Quote from JAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY on the 10th of April 2020
ye fanboy, leave this conversation XD


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9:48am Apr 10th 20

I don’t think neIXZz is cheater. I have been playing CoD since it came out. I have seen many hackers in my life. I also had a pleasure to play with neIxXz few matches.

What I saw is that he has a tremendous aim, game sense, which he probably got from his CS days.

I remember back in 2012, 2013 when I also called him hacker, but now, in 2020’s I don’t think that guy hack.

Let him prove him being clean with mobile camera recording, while playing or LAN attending this autumn.

Sincerely all,


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10:22am Apr 10th 20 - in reply to owner_slo's post

Clean 100% yes. Can you open your eyes and try to watch movie about neixz? Thanks you


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11:15am Apr 10th 20 and edited 11:44am Apr 10th 20

If u fanboys think that he is 100% clean, can u explain me those obv moments?


https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyBoldWormKappaWealth?fbclid=IwAR00pBEl8Ke0vVFaaZ3gfN38i_lC1qq1po6wu6-66WsiGdcaCaj-Da7U1Aw (I am not talking about aimbot protection here, but about that hit at 0:04)

https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxySweetRuffPeoplesChamp?fbclid=IwAR1FkqEYbZ9xUdifOMBtfSfrlxiJD-MbX2GRVFWaZcQCSgCb32YDbHtfEHw (this is pretty obv, kinda weird, dont u think, guys?)

My opinion: He is cheating with silent aim or smth like this and if he isnt using any program, so he got silent aim (u can see it in clips, so no stupid excuses please) in mouse driver and u cant get it with any software.

I hope that democrew will make the best decision (and ban him) - GL for them

kA5ap (:

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12:12pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to AjxeRa's post



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1:26pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to kA5ap (:'s post

there are some autoexec commands I suppose us mortals are unaware of


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1:42pm Apr 10th 20

Why you all fucking want to play this cup,when u have this retarded albino as a member of the admin lineup?????Who care about one cheater,neither the first nor the last who cheat in this shity game...


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2:14pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to AjxeRa's post

this is just a twitch delay, it will appear normal in the demo


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3:01pm Apr 10th 20 - in reply to Foxbuster's post

I have not wrote anything coz Im tired of all this and its taking the actual enjoy away from the gaming.
Also we are very suspicious towards neixz and we have told him to do thread etc or whatsoever
where he could possibly prove if he is clean. Also told him to not abuse others but he is retard with big ego
(he can be nice too, you might not believe.. rarely tho).

Im writing now coz we are gonna play cup match any minute soon, and he will use all programs and hatton
going through his pc or something..etc..sry im bad with IT so i know nothing about this stuff.
He will also stream if ppl wanna take-a-look.. ofc 1 match cant prove anything to way or another,
but atleast im curious how these programs work etc, even not knowing are they bypassable or not.

Lots and lots of weird shots from neixz, but maybe also explainable? Weird hitbox in cod2 etc etc etc etc
I also have doubt he uses some shit to help his aim but i wanna be 100% sure, 99 not enough.

sorry for this shit writing but im in hurry.. come online to neixz' twitch now if u want and periscope https://www.pscp.tv/NEIXZO

Quote from pussyfothermuckers on the 10th of April 2020
Super, you might not like me or maybe you do. Come on my teamspeak and I will try to explain you how most of the things he uses work. Pls come alone I can't taljk with these other toxic people in your team. Regards and gl in your match

Quote from super on the 9th of April 2020
Ty you Rico... saying im toxic .... no more free beer on lan for u bro