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10:29pm Jan 3rd 18

yes i thought so but when i was renaming it i copied filename from your post ;d


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12:06pm Jan 4th 18

if u still need help hit me up with a pm i can also host u a server from ovh if u want
you should buy your own vps and host ur own game servers

from ovh u can get a vps for like 5 euro and can run multiple servers from it as well have a look'ssd~product~'vps_ssd_model1~os~'linux~datacenter~'waw)


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8:02pm Nov 22nd 18


It's me again. After bandiii92 helped me crack server i had to quit playing for few month and recently i came back to cod2. Meanwhile my friends didn't bother to pay for server when i was gone and when server went down they had no clue how to crack it again.

So im asking again, how to properly crack server. I found cracked cod2_lnxed (i don't know if it's legit) ane switch it with with original cod2_lnxed but when i try to restart server i can't turn it on again. I had this problem before but as far as i remember bandiii92 told me it was problem with map rotation ? Can someone help me with this problem or with cracking this $**t. I know you wonder why i even bought server to crack it ? It's cus my friends are such casuals they don't even have org keys ;/

Thanks in advance

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2:23pm Mar 30th 20

hello guys, can somebody help me!? I buy original cod 2 server but i wanna change it to crack, can somebody help me with that