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Varg eSports LFM PS4

Varg eSports LFM PS4

Thread started by Razo on Friday, 10:18am March 27th with 2 replies. Views: 1,694


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12:52pm Mar 28th 20 - in reply to Razo's post

Hey Team,

I am a HCTDM player looking to join a team on Modern Warfare.

Open to tryouts. Im based in Aus and born in New Zealand.

My old team was rank #1 on Aussie Xbox (axb ladders) for CoD4 way back in the day. We held the title for 6 months. I am look for a team to learn maps in detail, make calls and really build team with.

These days I play on PC.

My contact detail is [email protected] or
Send a message to me at


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4:26pm Apr 20th 20

We're looking to build a PC team as well as a PS4 team, join and I'll give you role and you can talk with the PC boys to setup a trial.