Nightfury, nightfury..

Nightfury, nightfury..

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10:10am Mar 26th 20 - in reply to FNXZZ.'s post

haha.. but they don't play with cheaters and don't like them.. what a hypocrite

Quote from FNXZZ. on the 26th of March 2020
your buddy hahaha . will give info you will finally b the first xDDDDD


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10:11am Mar 26th 20 - in reply to lackyyy's post

And now u start to play with neixz and enit xDDDDD good change

Quote from lackyyy on the 26th of March 2020
hahahaha xDDD


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7:11pm Mar 26th 20

I think he maybe not cheats because he's so bad/stupid in game that some of this actions are maybe because he's abosuletly stupid haha


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3:02am Mar 27th 20

Hahahaha, just imagine this: Coming into an old game, because you computer can't play any better games -> create twitchaccount to stream -> acting nice to whole cod2 community -> realising you are still shit -> buying cheats to cheat in a pay2play cup where people play mostly just for fun

I didn't want to say this out loud NightfurY, you might be a nice guy, buy you lost all credibility cheating in a cup that for most players doesn't even matter, just only because we enjoy the game.

Thanks for the report, looking forward to a reply from this BOT!

ps at people who think that he betrayed his own teammate -> fuck you and good job for doing so


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3:59am Mar 27th 20


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11:11am Mar 27th 20 - in reply to johansen's post



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11:12am Mar 27th 20 - in reply to kkaazz's post


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12:00am Mar 28th 20 - in reply to kkaazz's post

"he replied with screenshots from Macedonian cod2 1.0 CTF lan" XDXDXD


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4:24pm Mar 28th 20

NIGHTFURY cheater i dont belive this.You guys frame him.Zasto makedonac zasto:D .. Maybe his graphic card is bugging and he cant see some walls.....