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Scammer: Sam Brown (aka Sam Lockton)

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5:01pm Dec 27th 19

Merry Christmas all x


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Hahaha, God markb for this useless homeless and Sam Lockton coward!


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10:37pm Feb 8th 20

Time for an update on Sam the Scam Lockton (Brown), well where do we begin!

The Oregon Ospreys self-destructed when they got caught claiming affiliation with sponsors (without the sponsors permission)with DX Racers and MSI it got very public on social media with both sponsors issuing a public denial of any involvement with Ospreys and TeamSublimeGG.
He and his wife published emails proving their "alleged" affiliation which MSI called out as fake documents. The Loctons/Brown's threatened legal action but removed most of their literature and sponsorship logos.

Mr. Lockton has now re-located to the USA and varied his activity which is based on creating graphic designs and opened some design sites for gamer logos and graphics for YouTube, twitter, streamers, etc. These initially look legitimate but he has listed these businesses as being in Mississippi and other states as well as being based in the UK-other than Oregon where he resides, which is deceptive from the start. He also has his pricing in GBP on his linked Fiverr pages.

Also possibly associated is Wolfy Designs as it shares identical imagery of items created for Oregon Ospreys.

Another is Eclipse Studios on twitter which also carries the same designs as Wolfy designs.



Now we go back to TeamSublimeGG. When searching this twitter page it had been renamed SB Clothing Miami and changed again to Streamer Threads, this is now a Merch Store which is confirmed as under his ownership. It is a corrupted page which still ownes the 4,000+ original followers (of TSGG) to make it look legitimate. He is currently fishing for business aiming to launch on 16th February 2020.

He claims to be an official store for 6 streamers-I hope they read this before giving him any money!

The Web link page seems broken unless it will open on launch day.


We have also been made aware that since his arrival in the USA (July 2019) that he is working illegally as he does not own US Citizenship and (as confirmed by his wife's twitter pages) does not have the appropriate visa clearance to work. Which could suggest he is not paying tax on his earnings in either the UK or the USA.

It could also be a case that his dealing in
both currencies in an illegal manner could be considered a Federal offence?.

Any further input is welcome.