[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by Sk...

[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by SkillZone - 25.-27.10.2019 - Prague

[LAN] - TLS Resurrection by SkillZone - 25.-27.10.2019 - Prague - Page: 5

Thread started by d3do on Friday, 1:27pm March 1st with 72 replies. Views: 15,912


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11:18pm Aug 27th 19

Let's go boyz!

@D3do LU TILTED : devzr, irreeL, yzRz, pussY and 5th TBA as iconz can't play regarding b44 LAN


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1:03am Aug 28th 19 - in reply to pussyfothermuckers's post

B44 has got like 5 weeks left in it, before there are only 10 people playing, so you should still try him in late September.


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5:09pm Sep 3rd 19

gogo guys ! lets do that SEE U


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10:22am Sep 4th 19

|[email protected]$$Z() GAMING (bazsa, borzi, Distin, ErViNN, KRADZZjE) paid!


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1:31pm Sep 8th 19 - in reply to d3do's post



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5:33pm Sep 9th 19

BLOODTHIRSTERS (kebit, nick, Dav, freakZ, Fleshx) paid!

We need a minimum of 15 teams, so 9 more. Know that many are about to pay, so please hurry to make this happen!


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8:04pm Sep 9th 19 - in reply to blavex's post

LFT - pref Hun teams


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7:49pm Sep 11th 19 - in reply to d3do's post

ARMIA (kemahVAC, lacky, mavoR, LawL1et, SPIKEWHO) paid! Go go go!


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10:09pm Sep 11th 19

3 weeks left cmon bois make it happen


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6:07pm Sep 13th 19

Lots of people interested, but no payments? cmon


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1:08am Sep 15th 19

Heyy everyone .lets pay this as fast its possible. We know that, this lan will be the last one for sure .I know that and you know that also. Its the last time when we can meet together again, drink something ,take some drags and make some fun . We can meet together srs last time before we start another life .lets goóo


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7 hours ago - in reply to lackyyy's post

The fifth "last lan for sure" in a row, sounds great.....


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6 hours ago - in reply to irreeL's post

Problem being - those LANs happened. If this LAN doesn't happen, who would bother attempting another one knowing for sure there'd be less interest?