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New COD2 Community movie! (need your demo's) by dodged

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10:55am Feb 25th 19 and edited 11:10am Feb 25th 19

Do not raise the alarm. Let's start with the fact that I collected demos from the entire community. Most of the players said that they do not have demos since they bought a new computer or something else. I haven’t seen the masonn on the Steam for about two months and how can I ask him for demos? or krepz?
Initially, me and dodged set a very high bar on the demos request. We take only very tough moments. I call them "meat" and did not take the standard, long and boring -3 moment into the movie and we got very beautiful moments.
In the beginning there were very few players for the community movie (I wrote the reason above). And so it was the decision to write to old players or request their demos.
Hulk - He himself threw off his demos as soon as he saw the news about the community movie.
dirty_german - Until now, he is playing in cod2 (just watch his channel on twitch). Calling him an old player who stopped playing is impossible.
DAVY, Ecu, Anttoni, Eplotic, prank` - from five old awesome moments the movie will not spoil.
There is a possibility that the players who have already thrown off their demo, some of them can not get into the movie. This is due to the duration of the movie but we do our best to eliminate this problem and still asking for cool moments for the movie.
If anyone got a fast 4 with mp40/mp44/greasegun/thompson etc please send it! Write me on Steam: jjjledax or LEDAX since i am browsing all the demos.


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11:55pm Mar 13th 19

nice m8!


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3:30pm May 12th 19 and edited 11:28pm May 12th 19 - in reply to LEDAX's post

Hello to all. I have the latest news about the movie.
Movie made at 60%, long work on the movie is associated with problems in his personal life.
I already managed to see 1 part of the movie. You'll like it :)
Since I am helping dodged with adjusting the movie and demos.
Send me by mail your demos, without delay, I will look and appreciate them - [email protected]
About demos see my last post which is above.

I will make a disk in my mail where I can store your demos. This is due to the fact that most players lose their demos for various reasons. In my mail they will not go anywhere. I will open access to the download link and you can simply select and download the demo that you need or the whole folder with the demos of any player.
Demos that go to the movie will also be stored in the archive later Write at the beginning of your file (movie or archive) so that I understand and that the demos are not mixed.

Players who threw me a demos on the movie:



Bosnia and Herzegovina:












United Kingdom:


Good luck to you :)


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10:07pm May 20th 19

@LEDAX Did I sent you some demo's? Can't recall


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2:37pm Jun 2nd 19

any updates?


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6:44am Jul 12th 19 - in reply to Monkkkkkkk's post

yes, sure


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yes, sure

Quote from LEDAX on the 12th of July 2019
like which?

No activity for 8 months, thats kinda long


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yes, sure

Quote from Dutchboy on the 9th of August 2019
like which?

No activity for 8 months, thats kinda long

Quote from LEDAX on the 12th of July 2019
However, for all questions it is better to write to me in Steam


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10:16pm Aug 14th 19

Any news?