[LAN] - COD2 LAN CZ in SkillZo...

[LAN] - COD2 LAN CZ in SkillZone - 25.5.2019 - Prague

[LAN] - COD2 LAN CZ in SkillZone - 25.5.2019 - Prague

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9:35am Mar 14th 19

Hi guys,

we are doing one more LAN tournament before big one TLS. This was mainly focused on CZ teams but we are still looking for last 2 teams.
LAN will be in same venue. It is for 12 teams so it will be done same day. Tournament will be with 2 groups of 6 teams.

Saturday 25.5.2019 (9:00)

Saturday 25.5.2019 (22-23:00) FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2294425610835437/

SkillZone Studios - Jankovcova 18a, Prague, Czech Republic

3 500,- CZK or 140 EUR
payments open - deadline 1.5.2019

Paid Teams [10/12]
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]faberi Bellatores (blasty, rampZojd, ziqeer, DudlajS, cAAsr)
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]Thxovci - invez, compactaj, croo, mani, lopflop, dwx
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]FEELTHEPOWER - insanezy, gotys, trollhunter, phaenom, bnz
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]eNesible - VITY,dymatize,flameee,rysker,jackis
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]coke'n'koule - Daniel, Filip, Petr, Olda, Daniel2
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]Slovak Team - bagrik, ludo, rndl, inmotion, Sailent
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]guccygang: Mr.Tvola, suRfextaj, hurvajz, fajt, straty
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]fucking authority - MirdasEk_cisao, strosik, no_nick, kamarád
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]HYPER SENSE lineup: ensi, lxk, wony, apatix, rasta
[img]https://static.cybergamer.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img]t1ssuezzz - Tomíno , Libor , Prema , Ji?í , Tien

1st 8000 CZK - 1st 310 EUR
2nd 4000 CZK - 2nd 155 EUR
3rd 2000 CZK - 3rd 80 EUR

kA5ap (:

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10:37am Mar 14th 19

Tea5ured aka power ranger from cz..Where are they,switchback,martas,dandy,solomone???


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5:27pm Mar 14th 19

Just wondering, the entry per team is 140 eur and with 12 teams you will have an income of 1680 eur?
How come the prizes are only 545 eur together? Maybe you have alot of outcomes to host the lan i dont know. I was just wondering what cost ~1100 eur for a 1 day lan?
Otherwise, hope you will have a great lan.


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8:06pm Mar 14th 19

Ye man, venue is really expensive. But it is only place with 30 Pc. I tried negotiate better price but they are only ones so they say the price.


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8:53pm Mar 14th 19



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9:21pm Mar 14th 19

They were on the last lan in january (loosing to us in the final) and they are coming again (coke’n’koule) so please shut up man


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9:30pm Mar 14th 19

I just said I will be rooting for them, what you on about?!?!


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11:54am Mar 15th 19

so many old-school czech players - looks very nice


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2:06pm Mar 15th 19

if someone needs a player im here


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3:25pm Mar 27th 19

Surely you guys would spend 20 euros more each to enter the lan in October instead? or maybe even aswell


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7:51pm Mar 27th 19

Daniel = Dady1337
Daniel2 = dandy
Olda = hellix
Petr = benkoslav
Filip = YOLOTRON3000

For u https://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/330822/17svaba1/


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3:52am Apr 4th 19 - in reply to blastyy's post

Dunno why you defend a bunch of cheaters... Off course they don't show up in October


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11:36am Apr 4th 19 - in reply to Foxbuster's post

I am just saying that they are a good guys and most of them have participated in recent Czech lans and they played really well there.
You can come and watch them playing in May. or just ask d3do, he will play there and I am sure he will see them playing.