144hz monitor doesn't run CoD2

144hz monitor doesn't run CoD2

144hz monitor doesn't run CoD2

Thread started by moxzor on Friday, 6:10pm March 8th with 6 replies. Views: 2,640


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6:10pm Mar 8th 19 and edited 6:36pm Mar 8th 19


I've just bought a new display/monitor - Asus VG248QE that I paired with my GPU using a new displayport cable.

When trying to run CoD2_mp.exe I get black screen as if the game would run normally, but instead it just closes in seconds and sends me back to Windows desktop.

I think I have all the settings placed correctly as seen on picture below.


CoD2_mp.exe compatibility settings:

[x] Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
[x] Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
[x] Run this program as an administrator

Other games like PUBG, Call of Duty 4 (MW), CS:GO,.. run just fine.

Thanks in advance!


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7:23pm Mar 8th 19


It sounds stupid but try to plug in a microphone in the red space on your PC.


Like on the picture, simply plug something in and try to restart COD2.


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8:43pm Mar 8th 19 - in reply to Dutchboy's post

wow that was fast

thank you, this solved the problem.


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9:22pm Mar 8th 19

No problem.

This is a very old fix like i said, it sounds stupid but it works.

Enjoy gaming on 144 hz!!


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11:30pm Mar 8th 19 - in reply to Dutchboy's post

Easy fix indeed :)

holy cow 144hz vs 75hz is a big difference.

smooth af


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