csij pwnr WASN'T scripting

csij pwnr WASN'T scripting

csij pwnr WASN'T scripting

Thread started by franka / FRANKENNNN on Monday, 1:23pm February 25th with 5 replies. Views: 807

1:23pm Feb 25th 19

Yo guys!

There was a spectate bug, and everyone thought that pwnr using something script to changing weapons faster.

Here is the clip from twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/facilos/clip/AstuteUninterestedStingrayNomNom?fbclid=IwAR0yk5fZPRRaYnSRMTs0YHLF9EfVcm011ZdV2WYqEj2v9qN6mMoID34vtiU

But actually it was only a spectate bug:

Calm down guys, PEACE


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1:35pm Feb 25th 19

Hahaha nice one you reenacted it

The lengths some people will go to prove their innocence.



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1:41pm Feb 25th 19

Wow people are really crying about this half, quasy script thats not even a script but no one is talking about kaya's blatant m1 scripting....


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2:01pm Feb 25th 19

Just give us the command pwnr so we can use it aswell


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9:19pm Feb 25th 19 - in reply to m4uz's post

What? do you have a proof?

kuusi palaa

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12:58pm Mar 3rd 19

script to change your weapon faster? that exists?