[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2....

[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2.2019 - Prague

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3:27pm Feb 2nd 19 and edited 3:55pm Feb 2nd 19

Groups drawn


Please, check out the schedule here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2196533395497803776/matches/schedule?page=1

Be present for setup an hour before your first match starts, so 9:00 every morning for those playing in groups 1 and 3!!!


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3:48pm Feb 2nd 19

Uhhh Jeaaah!! Great Job dedo.


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5:36pm Feb 2nd 19

if anyone wanna play with hypnotize pm me in 20:00


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6:03pm Feb 2nd 19

Any chance we could request 30 corona on arrival with limes?


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12:52pm Feb 3rd 19



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Feel free to join the CoD2 Invite Discord channel to look for training wars.

Message elwzoy#5333 to get added.


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12:59am Feb 5th 19

Will there be any stream?


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5:27pm Feb 5th 19

Too bad Unexpected didn't want to attend, I was really looking forward to seeing my cod2 friends once again.
I wish you all to have the best LAN you've ever had. Good luck everyone!


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We've created WhatsApp group for people attending the LAN as has been the case for last several times. Contact us on PM to join.


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in the land of pilsner and you wanna order corona

don't know if i can speak to you at lan, wade

Quote from dem0nick on the 2nd of February 2019

You'll have to buy the pints of it then and ill be the decider of that bruuuhh


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11:23pm Feb 5th 19

@Facilos, will you be streamer?


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3:18pm Feb 6th 19

If unfortunately someone has to drop from the registered teams for any reason, pm me, still willing to go =)


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5:02pm Feb 7th 19 - in reply to d3do's post

Looking for team. Pm me


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5:07pm Feb 11th 19

[img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/hr.png[/img] TEAM-PHASE (Depp, chuckiee, kaka, losa, NALUUMp), who have dropped out, replaced with [img]http://www.cgmirror.com/defaultimages/countryflags/cz.png[/img] feelthepower (Phaenom, gotys, trollhunter, insanezy, bnz)!