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[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2.2019 - Prague

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9:22am Jan 31st 19

As we are in our last day before the registration closing and do not seem to have any more teams that are seriously planning to come forward, we are hereby offering the last 18th spot for free.

The reason being that we would very much want to have an equal number of games in all the groups and that an 18th team would not add to our cost or schedule length in any way. This team can therefore participate for free, but cannot win money from the prizepool in case of success, to make it fair for others.

Please, message me as soon as possible, if you would like to register your team in the last spot for free. There is only a day left to do so.



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10:29am Jan 31st 19

Nice that it all came together in the end. Looking forward to a great time in Prague! Cu there boys

Great Job as always Dedo


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11:36am Jan 31st 19

Thxmixovci (compactaj, invez, Mani, nckr, bagriK) added as the 18th and final team!

We will be releasing the seeding soon and doing the group draw this weekend, most likely. It's 3 groups of 6.


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4:18pm Jan 31st 19

60... 60..h... 60hz.. must.. not.. complain..

Jk jk
Looking forward to the weekend! Can't wait to meet some of you guys again.


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5:33pm Jan 31st 19 and edited 5:56pm Jan 31st 19

Job, you bastard! :D

Btw, like the Tilted logo?


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5:56pm Jan 31st 19

Graejx, thats gonna be ur first lan am i right haha? [email protected] my baguette friendo


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7:43pm Jan 31st 19 - in reply to d3do's post

Which logo where?


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8:27pm Jan 31st 19 - in reply to hamek's post

Graejx, thats gonna be ur first lan am i right haha? [email protected] my baguette friendo

Quote from hamek on the 31st of January 2019
if you don't count random bootcamp @home with friends then...yes XD
i'll slap the back of ur neck everytime i can ma gingerdick


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9:59pm Jan 31st 19 - in reply to devzr's post

Which logo where? :D

Quote from devzr on the 31st of January 2019
This one : https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2196533395497803776/participants/


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2:18am Feb 1st 19

Everybody fuck up and just get the beers flowing.


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11:52am Feb 1st 19

hello, I have question, today is deadline to pay, and question is, can I pay today/ tomorrow max or that's impossible ?

ka ka

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12:58pm Feb 1st 19 - in reply to BIXX's post

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1:29pm Feb 1st 19

Is there any bar inside so we can get them beers?


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2:13pm Feb 1st 19 - in reply to ka ka's post

so what XD ? when I start play this game u say to mommy " ?eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee " everyone can try ! :v