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[LAN] - TLS Finale - 22.-24.2.2019 - Prague

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Thread started by d3do on Friday, 4:32pm November 16th with 330 replies. Views: 73,645


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12:52am Jan 15th 19

any gay team need a last ? i'll be back home soon 8)


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6:38pm Jan 15th 19



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7:55pm Jan 15th 19

So what are the teams that should be paying in the remaining 15 days?


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10:16am Jan 16th 19

Hopefully about 4 Czech teams in total, w5, gonewild, Armia, hypnotize, and a few more..


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3:37pm Jan 16th 19

with 144hz monitor -> lan full, for sure.

60hz :(..


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5:25pm Jan 16th 19

Very much doubt that this has a big effect. Either people want to play one last time or not, there is nothing that we can do about the monitors. There are simply less teams around than there were a year ago, mainly because of Battalion, which was a big killer of CoD2 when it came out.


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5:48pm Jan 16th 19

Jeah idd. Fuck this game Battalion...


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8:33pm Jan 16th 19 - in reply to d3do's post

Hopefully about 4 Czech teams in total, w5, gonewild, Armia, hypnotize, and a few more..

Quote from d3do on the 16th of January 2019
Hello d3do!

Which are those CZE teams?


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9:14pm Jan 16th 19

Kokz & co., Fajt & co., trayu & co., and hopefully GRS.

Any other Hungarians paying?


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3:59pm Jan 17th 19

I have an English shout caster who is pretty sick at what he does would like to Shout Cast the event free of Charge if you guys have a slot for him? Would make the event stream quite enjoyable to watch.


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10:41pm Jan 17th 19

owex and unexpected not coming?


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5:05pm Jan 18th 19 - in reply to d3do's post

No idea


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6:32pm Jan 18th 19

on this speed nothing is going to happen, idk why people dont pay up. All those big mouths with WE GONNA ATTEND 100 %

Yet none of those paid up. Start doing so if you want this event to happen.


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9:44pm Jan 18th 19 and edited 10:24pm Jan 18th 19

our 5th player is graejx, since yzRz can't come

Hopefully people are going to pay up, otherwise all the effort has been for nothing

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4:01pm Jan 19th 19

Almost two weeks left and only lookong for min. 6 more teams to make it happen. I'm sure we will get there...