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Thread started by Dutchboy on Saturday, 10:08am December 1st with 42 replies. Views: 7,378


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11:25am Jan 10th 19

add me pls
Mushy since 2k5
cb top 10 exp :D
no lan exp , except ukranian lans in 2k7:)


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1:31am Feb 12th 19

Hi guys!

Looking for a team to compete at TLS.
Played since the CB days, had a bit of a break but back in action.
Prefer scope but ok with pretty much everything else.


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2:41am Mar 4th 19

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a team. Contact me on steam( cod2.exe masax) or discord (masax #9250).
i'm from Belgium and started to play this game again last few weeks. I will probably travel by car to Prague :)
If you want to play some cybergamer matches first, pm me.

Kind regards,



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9:05pm Mar 4th 19

LFT, 28yo, playin cod2 and cod4 for an ages btw. Croatian guy
feel free to contact me on fb cuz i'm not so active here.


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2:43am Mar 5th 19

LFT. 26 Years old, i played from 2006 - 2010 very active.
im from Germany.


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5:38pm Mar 7th 19

Updated list and topic.

This topic will now be the official topic for the TLS Resurrection.

Good luck to everyone.


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7:19pm Mar 7th 19



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11:22am Mar 8th 19 and edited 1:08pm Mar 26th 19



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7:38pm Mar 9th 19


29 years old
From Germany


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1:48pm Mar 10th 19



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4:33pm Mar 10th 19

Looking for a team!! :D

I come from Slovenia, 25 years old. Playing FPS games since 2005. Speak English & Balkan. Played CoD1/UO too.
Acted on Clanbase and ESL. Also played for preinvite team in COD4.

Local area connection events [email protected]
MC-SG 3v3 (Slovenj Gradec, 2007): #4 (Janzy4D,boobiz,me)
LAN ŠC Ravne na Koroškem 5v5 (Ravne na Koroškem, 2007): #3 (me and some guys from school)
Grand-Lan#1 Adria 5v5 (Sevnica, 2008): playoffs-loser brackets # (RazerBoy,SkyEEEr,Bamazor,Janzy4D,me)
LAN ŠC Ravne na Koroškem 5v5 (Ravne na Koroškem, 2010): #2 (same team as in 2007)
LAN ŠC Ravne na Koroškem 5v5 (Ravne na Koroškem, 2011): #2 (mavs, flop, nocufahh, roksy, me) https://youtu.be/aI04Jzk9aSU?t=403
LAN ŠC Ravne na Koroškem 5v5 (Ravne na Koroškem, 2012): #1 (mavs, HRC, ?uro, nvm, me) https://youtu.be/CrKa375BRLY?t=369
MC Oplotnica (Oplotnica, 2014) 3v3: #3 (thndr, gash, me)

Feel free to send me a PM or add me on [email protected] Moxzor#5771


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2:44pm Apr 24th 19 and edited 11:03am Jun 25th 19

Once upon a time I wanna see a big tournament of cod. Like cs:go has. will It happen?


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3:29pm Apr 24th 19