[UDSSR] Clan & Servers!

[UDSSR] Clan & Servers!

[UDSSR] Clan & Servers!

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Good day and hello friendly community, of cod2.

We of the [UDSSR] Clan are well known for our well-running Call of Duty 2 servers, which we have been offering for free for years. We have always tried to make the right decisions.

We have been up and running for the past 6 years Very Active & Strong Community ( Our Servers are well Managed by Staff / in All Branch of duty's-/ Servers are very active daily and well maintained to make sure servers are clean , so everyone has a fair play!

Thank you so much for your attention and your support, we appreciate this and will surely show our appreciation!

Here is a list of all our servers:

Call of Duty 2 [UDSSR] Servers : ( We are a friendly community that plays wars , and are active on daily basis / we are Recruiting Admins & Clan Members. )

  1. HomePage: www.blizo.de
  2. Team - Speak 3:
  3. Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7yqCFVk


  • [UdSSR] TDM TJ PAM [CRACKED] Server#1 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] S&D PAM [CRACKED] Server#2 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] DM TJ PAM [CRACKED] Server#3 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] Custom Maps & Wawa [CRACKED] Server#4 | www.blizo.de ( All Weapons Mod )
  • [UdSSR] RIFLE PAM [CRACKED] Server#5 | www.blizo.de
  • [UdSSR] War Server [CRACKED] Server#6 | www.blizo.de ( Locked / Private )

Thank you all for support ,

Best regards,