Nightcup 16th December

Nightcup 16th December

Nightcup 16th December

Thread started by Mr.Spacemonkey on Thursday, 9:56pm December 13th with 2 replies. Views: 1,643


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9:56pm Dec 13th 18

Haya guys.
We will host new nightcup

maplist as usual: toujane, burgundy, dawnville, matmata, carentan

Rules are same as usual, min 12 teams, max 32.

Join #cg.cod2 few minutes before 6PM.

If you want to stream pm me or head (better head )


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7:12pm Dec 15th 18

I need team i wanna play Nightcup


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12:38pm Dec 16th 18

Don't forget to add all players to the team + ready up before the cup starts.