win10 mouse problem

win10 mouse problem

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Thread started by dem0nick on Sunday, 9:44pm October 1st with 37 replies. Views: 4,262


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4:20am Oct 23rd 17

Sorry for off topic, just need to know what's the reason I still can't make a thread in this forum? Registered here 1-2 days ago..


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5:48pm Nov 1st 17

don't make creators updates!! windows 10


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6:23pm Nov 1st 17

Can some of you guys who still have Win10 1607 please send me your user32.dll, ntdll.dll and win32u.dll. Need it to figure out something. Thanks.

All three are located in: C:\Windows\System32\

Quote from myss on the 23rd of October 2017

you have those files already?


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6:39pm Nov 1st 17

don't know mason why ?


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11:18pm Nov 1st 17

yeah i got it already thanks to @Sk1lzZ


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11:44pm Nov 24th 18

I have versions 1809 how to deal with lags, someone help me?


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3:13pm Nov 30th 18

Go to mouse properties -> pointer -> uncheck enchance !


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3:15pm Nov 30th 18 - in reply to dzooony's post

or simply change back to 1803